Gain the transparency and predictability you need during the COVID-19 crisis.


Connect production, sales, and planning across your ecosystem to keep your business on track.


Increase transparency into your run-rate business.

With the Sales Agreements feature, you can create a consolidated view of all the terms of every agreement, including duration, products, prices, and planned quantities — and combine this with actual quantities from your back office. You can even create your own custom metrics to track account performance and get a complete view of your run-rate business. 

Surface insights across your entire business.

With Account-Based Forecasting, you get a complete picture of both your run-rate and net-new business. Your sales, operations, and product teams can collaborate on a central platform to develop more accurate revenue and volume forecasts that combine sales agreements and opportunities.

Leverage the power of a complete CRM designed for manufacturing.

Give your account teams a complete 360-degree view of every customer. Your teams will gain real-time visibility into key sales and service activity, along with collaboration tools, workflows, and AI-driven insights, so they can more actively manage the health of every account.

Engage and collaborate in real-time using intelligent insights.

Enable real-time online collaboration between customers, channel partners, and employees. AI-driven insights are embedded to give account health, customer lifetime value, pricing performance, and more, so executive and account teams always have the insights they need to take effective action.

Creating a New Future

How Digital Transformation Will Remake the Customer Experience Within the Manufacturing Industry