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Nyga delivers rich customer experiences with Salesforce

Learn how one Israeli kitchen and bathroom solutions distributor is using Salesforce to deliver the best solutions with the best service.

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Guy Garniek’s vision is both simple and magnificent: to be the best service provider in all of Israel.

Garniek is the CEO at Nyga, a family company (the name is an acronym of Noa, Yael, Gilad, and Alon – four of the founder’s grandchildren) and the country’s leading importer and distributor of quality kitchen and bathroom products.

When Nyga started in 1980, it introduced German stainless steel sinks to a market dominated by outdated ceramic sinks and started a revolution in the field of kitchen design.

Today, it continues that tradition of originality and innovation, serving approximately 1,000 retail customers in kitchen studios and factories, sanitary warehouses, and electrical supply shops.

While the products have varied over time, Garniek says Nyga’s commitment to customer satisfaction has steadfastly remained the same.

“We’re very proud when grandpas and grandmas come into our showrooms with their grandchildren because it shows us they’ve had decades of positive experiences with Nyga. When they needed us, we were always there,” he said.

But delivering for customers over generations means evolving with the pace of technology. That’s why Garniek ensured he kept pace when competitors created an online presence for their stores. It worked — a little too well.

“We got so many leads that our staff began to neglect some of them. Some leads were handled twice by two different sales team members. Sometimes a customer would receive the same email twice. It was a lot of unproductive communication. A lot of chaos.”

That’s when Garniek and his team used Salesforce to harness the growth potential of digital transformation, without losing the personal touch Nyga had always been known for.

Here’s how they did it.


“We want to be in every kitchen and bathroom throughout the country. That’s why customer happiness is everything to us.”

Guy Garniek, CEO 

1. Addressing pain points throughout the customer lifecycle

“We want to be in every kitchen and bathroom throughout the country. That’s why customer happiness is everything to us.”

Customer happiness is directly linked to great service. So what does great service look like?

According to Garniek, it means being immediately available, always on hand to consult or give personalised advice. It also means being quick to solve problems, ready with targeted and effective solutions.

That’s why Nyga offers next-day delivery on most orders. If customers need assistance and after-sales services, the company responds instantly and dispatches a technician to their location.

He says Salesforce helps Nyga truly reach “world-class standards.” The company’s sales team uses Salesforce to nurture leads, which is important when your customer relationships can be measured in decades.

Because Marketing Cloud helps Nyga understand each customer’s behaviours and purchases to expertly tailor messages, its sales team knows how to manage that elongated customer journey.

“We know when to set follow-ups and when it’s time to just give good advice.”

Using the latest AI and automation tools that Salesforce offers also means that Nyga can reach customers over email, mobile, advertising, the web, social media, direct mail, and more — without ever duplicating an interaction.

2. Supporting customers after the sale

Renovations are a stressful endeavour for many customers. But Nyga has found a way to make the installation process a breeze. “We make all these headaches to schedule an appointment very easy.”

As soon as a customer buys a solution, they’re only two clicks away from submitting a form that opens to a case automatically. The form instantly alerts Nyga’s technical support team and matches an appropriate technician (with the right skills, at the right location) to the task.

And just like that, customers have one less thing to worry about.

After the technician’s visit, Nyga’s Service Success team sends the customer a survey to double-check that the customer’s issues are resolved.

Garniek says it’s the company’s opportunity to get valuable feedback, so they can echo good experiences or get ahead of any grievances in a market where “word-of-mouth is priceless.”

Nyga is still refining its post-sale process and Garniek sees the opportunity to add even more value to customers.

“We're working on using Marketing Cloud to give customers tailored recommendations — specific information on how to maintain their existing products and solutions or alerts on new stock related to their preferences.”

3. Empowering every team within the company

Salesforce has enriched the customer experience for Nyga, it has given the company momentum and direction.

Reporting and dashboards have made targets more obvious and achievable. “It’s like a shooting range. The whole team knows what the target is. All we have to do is aim and shoot.”

But it isn’t just about successfully completing tasks, the CRM platform has also made the quality of the work better. With a robust system in place for managing leads and improving sales, communication has become easier. Time and tasks have become all the more manageable.

“Everybody has a clear view of what's happening at every moment: how many cases have we closed until 2 PM today?; how many cases are still open?; how many aren’t scheduled? It simplifies the dynamic parts of the job.”

Garniek says having a system in place has allowed him to manage marketing and sales has allowed him to create a scenario in which, “if I’m not here tomorrow, every procedure will still work and, with time, it will only get better in every segment, in every category.” 

4. Uncontainable ambitions and realistic plans

Nyga has used Salesforce to enrich its customer experience throughout its entire lifecycle and has simultaneously improved the way it works as a company.

But Garniek says this is just the beginning. The company can now measure its performance, course-correct when it needs to, and always improve what it offers customers.

While he’s still on the way to becoming the best service provider in all of Israel, the vision feels just within reach. So, what’s next for the company? “Becoming the best service provider in the world.” 


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