Quooker truly connects to its consumers with Salesforce


Quooker is no ordinary tap – despite looking just like one. The elegant design blends into any kitchen, giving families instant access to hot, cold, boiling, chilled, and even sparkling water. It saves time, it saves space, it saves energy – many of Quooker’s customers can’t imagine living without it.

In short, it’s the tap that does it all. And now, with Salesforce, Quooker has one platform that does it all, helping to better understand and serve consumers who were traditionally difficult to reach.

“Quooker’s distribution channel is through reseller showrooms, but the end user is the person who makes the buying decision, then takes the tap home and gets it installed in their kitchen,” explained Jesse van Hofwegen, International Business Process Coordinator at Quooker. “Reaching consumers is difficult because we don’t have a direct relationship with them during the sale, but being consumer-centric is one of our values.”

With 750,000 end user consumers registered with Quooker and more than 30% year-on-year growth, the company understood the need to get closer to the people using its taps; to ensure seamless service experiences and user insights at scale and across multiple geographies.


“Quooker is obsessed with innovation, and so is Salesforce. It’s the perfect partner to help us get close to consumers.”
Jesse van Hofwegen
International Business Process Coordinator

1. Connecting Quooker and consumers through self-service

Quooker is a family-run company founded in the Netherlands in 1987. The infamous boiling water tap was invented by Henri Peteri, who launched a business with his sons to sell the product all over the world. Today, there are 1.5 million Quooker taps in people’s homes. 

Quooker has retained its culture of innovation and family values, developing new products that are sustainable, affordable, and must-have kitchen gadgets.

To help consumers get the most from their spend, Quooker needed a way to connect with the people behind the purchase – after all, a Quooker tap may need maintenance, refills, or additional support, and the company wanted to be there to provide a great post-sales experience to consumers.

The team decided the best way to start engaging with consumers was via self-service portal ‘My Quooker’, where people register their products in exchange for better and faster provided service when needed, since all the needed information is already accessible by Quooker. The company chose Experience Cloud as it allowed a fast and agile implementation, offered scalability, and integrates with the entire CRM and service platform.

“Consumers can register their products, which enables us to provide faster and better services,” said Van Hofwegen. “We have all necessary information available when, for example, the customer needs installation support and wants to order spare parts. We can then hit the ground running without asking for their details every time they call.”


2. Successfully managing growth

With the huge success of its products, Quooker was also faced with the challenge of scaling service resources efficiently.

“Growing sales and customer expectations had a significant impact on our call volumes” commented Van Hofwegen. “On the other hand, there’s a shortage of talented support staff in the sector, so we had to find ways of handling cases more efficiently and effectively to maximise resources and keep our customers and employees happy.”

When a consumer is looking for support, Quooker offers multiple channels such phone, email, or the My Quooker portal. With Salesforce, all these channels are managed on the same platform.


3. Empowering agents with smarter tools to fix issues faster and from anywhere

Quooker agents aren’t just call centre staff, they’re skilled workers who can troubleshoot issues, order spare parts, or arrange an appointment with an engineer if needed. All potentially at first contact.

One significant driver for efficiency was the avoidance of unnecessary visits by engineers. Giving Quooker agents all relevant information to handle a case on one single screen helped significantly. But Quooker found that complex installation issues, for example, are often difficult to describe – especially by an end-consumer. 

To address this, the team implemented the Visual Remote Assistant feature of Service Cloud, a fully integrated video application. Agents can now see what the consumer is seeing and draw instructions directly on screen – or vice versa. 

“By empowering people to fix more issues, we’ve reduced the number of engineer callouts by a double-digit percentage,” revealed Van Hofwegen. “Our products come with a two-year warranty, so reducing callouts during that time is significantly more cost effective for us – and it’s more convenient for the consumer, so truly a win-win.”

Consumers can now track the status of every case via the My Quooker portal, which is particularly useful if a spare part needs to be ordered or a technician visit is planned. This is improving the experience and reducing inbound call volumes.



4. Efficient field service with improved customer experience

If required, Quooker agents can book a field service engineer and confirm an appointment with the customer from the first call. Salesforce Field Service automatically suggests the most appropriate technicians and time slots, creating optimal routes. By working on the same, real-time platform, agents and technicians both benefit from optimised workflows, which enables Quooker to assign approximately 30% more appointments per colleague.

“In addition to this efficiency gain, we can now give consumers a much more accurate time slot for their visit,” said Van Hofwegen.

At the consumer's home, engineers can access all information, checklists, and workflows through the Salesforce Field Service app – even if they don’t have a network connection. 

“Connecting our engineers in real time is a true game changer. We used to work with pen and paper in the past. That meant staff needed to print out forms to take with them for visits – fill them out by hand and key them back in by the admin team at the office. You can imagine how much information, time, and resources got lost,” revealed Van Hofwegen. 

Now, Quooker engineers have real time access to customer, product, and service information, and they can capture photographs and  generate digital work reports for customers to sign. Engineers can easily log which parts have been used to automatically trigger overnight replenishment with a third party logistics company – all on their smartphone.

“This new way of executing field service is not just much more efficient, it’s also creating a better experience with faster response and high first fix,” added Van Hofwegen. 

When the support case is closed, an invoice is automatically generated via an integration with the ERP system if the consumer is outside the warranty period.




More appointments scheduled every day



Efficiency gain with route optimisation

5. Sending more valuable communications by building journeys

To build stronger, long-term customer relationships, Quooker launched Marketing Cloud with support from Salesforce Professional Services. Customers enter their contact details when they register their tap in the portal and can control their own email preferences.

The team is currently getting started with journeys, and has built an abandoned cart journey via an integration with the webshop. While consumers purchase the tap itself from a showroom, they can buy additional products such as refills directly from Quooker’s website. If a consumer adds items to their cart but doesn’t complete the transaction, they’re automatically sent a reminder to check out. 

Besides, Quooker currently has 16 email journeys live - from reminders for timely replacements to returning old parts when a customer has received a new one. First emails that were sent out have seen a >80% open rate.

Next on the agenda, Quooker is considering Sales Cloud to centralise CRM on one platform. 

“We have 650 staff, and more than half of them work in Salesforce,” explained Hofwegen. “Quooker is known for innovation, and so is Salesforce. It’s the perfect partner to help us get closer to the people who use our products and to attract the best support staff to our team.”



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