The IT Leader’s Guide to Fast App Development

Accelerate your digital transformation with modern app architecture patterns that you can combine for custom solutions.
Every IT leader has the challenge to go digital fast, but the standards for modern and engaging customer experiences have evolved. Customers and employees in this post-2020 era require connected experiences that are empathetic and convenient. The race to differentiation is a moving target, and IT needs to leverage architecture patterns that balance speed with agility and custom code with low code.

The integration of Heroku with the Salesforce Platform meets this need so you can create customer-facing apps with live streaming data, or contactless experiences that will scale on demand. Modernising your apps means you can increase your service, keep track of sales, and pull analytics. Leverage your new capabilities to shorten your timelines, streamline your teams, and launch low-cost solutions quickly with trust and security.
Empower your business by integrating both low-code and pro-code tools.
Chapter 1. Accelerate Delivery of Business Apps
Chapter 2. Scale Apps Quickly
Chapter 3. Deepen Your Service Capabilities
Chapter 4. Pull Analytics Across Orgs
Chapter 5. Plan Your Patterns and Untether Your Devs

Show your customers how fast they can build the customer experiences they need. With the tools in this e-book, you’ll be able to:

  • Extend the opportunity of building on Customer 360 to all Devs
  • Scale automatically without any performance issues or downtime
  • Take intensive compute processes and push processing into an elastic core for large data sets and long-running processes
  • Work with streaming data and create real-time experiences

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