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Getting Started

With, Salesforce brings together thought leaders, partners and a suite of products with the goal of helping companies and communities around the world reopen safely. It’s most helpful for business leaders, C-suite executives, and government leaders looking for a comprehensive view of key data, plus tools to help them plan staffing and shift management, to help reopen their offices and communities safely. 
The decision to reopen a business or organization depends on many factors, including where you are based, what industry you are in, and whether your employees are able to work remotely or are required to be physically present. gives organizations that are ready to reopen a way to operationalize the return to work, and helps them do so safely and efficiently. Even if you’re not planning to go back to the workplace in the short term, we can help you start planning now.
Salesforce Care is a set of solutions designed to help companies and organizations rapidly respond to and support their employees, customers, partners and constituents within the first few days and weeks of a crisis. Salesforce is providing this technology for free for 90 days to help your organization stabilize during these unprecedented times. is designed to help companies and communities reopen safely once they have stabilized and are starting to think about returning to the workplace.
Workplace Command Center is a company’s “single pane of glass” for managing the complexities associated with re-opening their businesses and guiding employees back to work. It is an Operations Executive’s “cockpit” for driving their organization through the crisis, resuming business and operations, and emerging stronger than before the crisis. The COVID-19 Data Platform feeds the Workplace Command Center with curated public data resources to help propel data-driven decisions.
Employee Wellness Check is included within the Workplace Command Center and enables organizations to securely survey their employees regarding their wellness status and get insights into the employee population’s readiness to return to the workplace. 
Shift Management is an add-on to Workplace Command Center that helps companies balance workplace coverage and employee availability while creating new capacity models that support a safe return to work. HR and People leaders can create shifts to fill workplace capacity, while staggering arrivals to help employees return to offices safely.
New Employee Learning and Well-being content kits from myTrailhead provide new learning and wellness content to skill-up your workforce and help ensure their wellbeing to meet new business needs, along with a new Trail Tracker component for the Workplace Command Center to monitor training completion across an organization. 
Emergency Response Management, is a family of solutions that help organizations and communities prioritize and mobilize resources in response to an emergency. You can automate incident response operations to address community wellness, and coordinate manual contact tracing and disaster relief efforts. Emergency Response Management for Public Health also includes Contact Tracing to enable manual contact tracing capabilities for patients and constituents.
Contact Tracing for Employees is an offering that allows public and private sector personnel to manually trace and identify interactions that could pose health risks in a safe and secure manner, by collecting data from individuals who are infected or potentially exposed to an infectious disease and creating visual maps of contacts and locations to help monitor for further infections and protect against potential outbreaks.
We are localizing our offerings for different regions. Availability dates will vary by product.

Pricing and Editions

  • For pricing details on Workplace Command Center, Employee Wellness and Shift Management, please refer to the Workplace Command Center pricing page.

  • New Employee Learning and Well-being content on myTrailhead will be included with myTrailhead for Employees, which is priced at $25 per user per month.

  • For pricing details on Contact Tracing and Contact Tracing for Employees please refer to the Contact Tracing pricing page.

  • For pricing details on the Emergency Response Management solutions for Public Health and for Public Sector, including Emergency Program Management, please refer to the Emergency Response Management pricing page.

Data Privacy and Security

Salesforce has implemented technical and administrative security measures to protect our services and our customers’ data. We strongly encourage customers to follow security best practices and use available tools to strengthen the security of their Salesforce instance. Security does not start and end with Salesforce — it is a trusted partnership with our customers. Salesforce offers our customers controllable features that permit them to configure the security settings of their respective instances as they deem appropriate for the sensitivity of their data. Customers can implement features such as Field Level Security, Profiles and Permission Sets, Two-Factor Authentication and IP Whitelisting. For more information on the application security features Salesforce provides, please refer to this help article on Protecting Your Salesforce Organization.

Please see Salesforce’s Compliance website detailing our audit and compliance certifications and attestations, e.g. ISO and SOC. Also, our Trust website shows real-time information on system performance and security. Salesforce’s comprehensive security and privacy framework is contractually underpinned by our Data Processing Addendum, in which Salesforce commits to maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect our customers’ data, as set forth in the applicable Security Privacy and Architecture Documentation, which for can be found here
The security and privacy of our customers’ data which we are entrusted to protect is paramount. Salesforce has five privacy principles that highlight our commitment and focus on trust: customer control, security, transparency, compliance, and partnership.

Salesforce designs products with privacy in mind, so that our products not only comply with our own legal obligations, but also can be used by our customers while they comply with their own legal obligations. Compliance is always a shared partnership between Salesforce and its customers, meaning that while Salesforce commits to complying with its own obligations, customers are responsible for ensuring that their use of our products is appropriate for their own legal requirements. To help customers meet their compliance goals, we have created a number of dedicated resources for customers to learn more about their obligations, such as Salesforce’s privacy website, which includes FAQs on local and industry specific privacy laws, and additional resources, such as Data Protection Impact Assessments, to help enable customer success.

Being a trusted advisor to our customers is a top priority for Salesforce. However, it remains the responsibility of each customer to get its own legal advice when implementing and using Salesforce products, including It is important for customers to take into account their own particular use cases to ensure compliance with local healthcare laws, certification requirements, and any other applicable laws or guidance.

Some of the COVID-19 issues faced by our customers are very specific to their business and the way in which they choose to use our services – and so is the approach to legal compliance. For example, public health organizations or government agencies have different legal powers or specific challenges to address than those from the perspective of a private company. The bottom line is that a 'one size fits all' approach to legal compliance will not work. As such, it remains the responsibility of each customer to get its own legal advice when implementing and using Salesforce products, including, to ensure compliance with local healthcare laws, certification requirements, and any other applicable laws or guidance.
Contact Tracing helps contact tracers identify interactions that pose a high risk of infectious disease transmission, and monitor the health of individuals that may have been infected based on the information they provide to those contact tracers. Using interview templates, contact tracers manually collect data via interviews (through phone, email, text, or in-person visits) from individuals who are infected or who were potentially exposed to infection, and monitor for further infections or potential outbreaks to help protect the wider community. Starter interview templates are provided with the Contact Tracing product feature. These interview templates are customizable; depending on your needs and your jurisdiction, you may wish to replace these questions with others based on local guidance, or to determine the extent to which you may use of this feature.

Implementing products may capture sensitive health data, therefore, they require an org whose admins have permission to view such sensitive health and wellness data. This includes existing Health Cloud orgs whose admins are authorized to access sensitive patient data, as well as "HR Orgs" where admins are authorized to access sensitive employee data. provides you with essential solutions designed to help businesses reopen the workplace as quickly as possible. It also allows you to collect and use personal information about individuals, including health-related information, which is subject to various legal requirements in different jurisdictions. As with all Salesforce products, please consult with your own counsel to confirm that your intended use of these products meets your legal needs. More information about Salesforce's privacy program can be found here.