You may recognise the bold blue cloud logo or our highly visible urban towers, or even be familiar with our 1-1-1 model which gives 1% of Salesforce product, 1% of our equity, and 1% of our employees time to philanthropic causes, but still be wondering, what exactly does Salesforce do?

In a nutshell, we bring companies and customers together. 

So how do we do that? We break down the traditional technology silos between your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams to give everyone a single, shared view of your customers on one integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. We call this Salesforce Customer 360. 

This gives all of your employees a complete understanding of every customer so they can respond faster to their needs and predict new opportunities to engage. And more importantly, everyone can deliver the personalised experiences your customers expect. This is what builds lasting, trusted relationships.


Why is it important to build trust with your customers?

Building trust is a critical advantage in today’s customer-driven economy. Over the last 20 years, customers’ expectations have dramatically increased. Eighty-four percent of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, according to the Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report.

Customers don’t want to talk to your marketing, sales, or service departments — they just want to know they are engaging with your brand and getting what they need when and where they want it. And they show loyalty to companies that can predict their needs. That’s why Salesforce Customer 360 is so powerful: because it helps businesses meet (and even exceed) the needs of today’s modern, connected customers.


What does providing a better customer experience look like?

Salesforce Customer 360 can help you better engage your customers across their lifecycle — from marketing to sales to service, and everything in between:

  • Improve lead generation, customer acquisition, and upselling opportunities by tailoring your marketing messages to the right person at the right time on the right channel using our Marketing solutions.
  • Arm your sales organisation with the tools they need to develop and implement a precise, repeatable sales process, so they spend less time doing data entry and more time connecting with customers with our solutions for Sales.
  • Build simple, seamless commerce experiences that help grow revenue, exceed customers' expectations, and connect commerce to the rest of your business with our Commerce solutions.
  • Deliver consistent, personalised support experiences across every interaction — from the contact center to the field — from service automation to chatbots powered by artificial intelligence with our solutions for Service.
  • Build modern apps to meet every employee, partner, and customer need. Increase productivity by automating key business processes with apps and improve scale, transparency, and security with our solutions for IT.

What’s really powerful about Salesforce Customer 360 is you can easily tailor all the capabilities of this trusted platform — from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analytics to integration to training your workforce — to your specific industry needs. And it’s not just our technology, customers can actually achieve business value faster with access to resources, experts, and services that include best practices and learnings from 20 years across 150,000 customers.


What’s an example of Salesforce Customer 360 in action?

Our customers using Salesforce Customer 360 are able to create incredible experiences for their customers. Take Conagra, for example. The branded food company is using Salesforce to innovate and build its brands by engaging with consumers at scale and speed, while forging closer relationships with B2B customers.

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This post originally appeared on the U.S.-version of the Salesforce blog.