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How 5 High-Tech Trailblazers from India Are Reimagining Customer Engagement with Salesforce

How 5 High-Tech Trailblazers from India Are Reimagining Customer Engagement with Salesforce

Meet five high-tech Trailblazers from India that are raising the bar on sales, customer engagement, services, and experiences with Salesforce.

India’s high-tech firms are powering a new wave of innovation. Backed by strong local engineering talent and advanced technologies, these firms are coming up with disruptive products and solutions to transform the way we live and work.

Yet, innovation in high-tech isn’t just about designing cutting-edge products. It’s also about delivering differentiated experiences.

Trailblazing high-tech companies understand that at the centre of all their digital and technological efforts is a human customer. So, whether they’re designing a new piece of software, or automating a business process, these companies are laser-focused on delighting their customers. To them, technology isn’t necessarily an end in itself – it’s a means to understanding customers better, connecting with them on a deeper level, and enriching their experiences across touchpoints.

We’re privileged to feature five such powerhouses in our new ebook, Meet 5 High-tech Trailblazers from India. These companies, which range from an electrical equipment manufacturer to a digital adoption platform provider, are raising the bar on customer engagement and experiences through technology.

First up is Panasonic Life Solutions India which has not only automated B2B sales processes, but has also built a single source of customer truth on Salesforce. So, sales reps have all the data they need to pitch, demo, negotiate, and close deals from anywhere. Already, the company is seeing a 22% improvement in sales productivity and a 20% increase in hot opportunities.

Meanwhile, event management tech startup, Hubilo, has replaced four disparate systems with one central platform for operations. Teams are unified around a shared customer view which enables more meaningful customer conversations. Streamlined sales quote processes have helped reduce the time-to-quote by 9x. Plus, a partner portal created on Salesforce enables the company to onboard and manage over 40 resellers and 17 distributors so efficiently that the end customer enjoys a seamless experience.

In addition to these customer stories, learn how:

  • Secutech achieved a 100%+ improvement in brand recall and a 25% reduction in service escalations
  • Whatfix increased conversion rates by 20%, productivity by 40%, and forecasting accuracy by 3x
  • GEP saw a 23% drop in average resolution time, a 5% improvement in SLAs, and a 96% CSAT score

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All this and more in our new ebook Meet 5 High-tech Trailblazers from India.

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