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5 Ways Automated IT Helpdesks Streamline Support and Boost Efficiency

Streamline Your Support: 5 Ways Automated IT Helpdesks Boost Efficiency and Productivity

User-friendly, automated IT helpdesks help in speedier problem resolution, enabling a more positive employee experience and increased productivity.

The modern work landscape is peppered with programmes, apps, software, and systems, leading to overly complex digital work environments. A complicated IT environment increases the possibility of technical issues, including digital downtimes, which require significant time, effort, and expense to rectify.

Lost time also leads to lowered employee efficiency and frustrations with workplace technology. A survey found that a whopping 95% of professionals believe IT issues disrupt employees’ digital experience in their company, impact productivity, and bring down workplace morale.

Quick and efficient problem resolution is vital here. In this situation, IT helpdesks offer a single, easily accessible point to address tech issues, reducing employee frustration and time wastage. When equipped with automated workflows, a helpdesk can also reduce the burden on IT, and support teams, decreasing resolution time and improving their productivity.

Automated IT helpdesks: Resolve workplace tech issues speedily and efficiently

All employees – on-site, remote, and on-field – require uninterrupted access to certain tools and technologies to perform their job. Real-time assistance to resolve concerns or queries allows them to focus on getting their jobs done. Internal IT helpdesks ensure smooth working by letting employees create tickets for various issues, such as:

  • Identifying and resolving bugs in internal systems
  • Addressing new feature requests
  • Handling issues related to log-in access
  • Resolving device compatibility issues, and so on.

Manually contacting the IT support team to resolve so many asks is time-consuming. It can also result in some requests slipping through the cracks or not getting prioritised. An intelligent helpdesk with an automated ticketing system can ensure speedy incident resolution, enable round-the-clock employee support, and free IT service technicians from repetitive tasks around assigning and escalating problems.

Top benefits of an automated IT helpdesk solution

An AI-powered IT helpdesk, such as Salesforce IT Service Center, creates a modern and highly efficient problem-resolution ecosystem. Some of its top benefits include:

• Simplified ticket processing

Employees can log into a personalised, user-friendly dashboard to raise a ticket or make a request. Instead of spending hours trying to reach an IT professional in a different office or time zone, they can get live support from agents or chatbots, or leverage self-help options including knowledge articles, and intuitive self-service channels like communities.

• Proactive identification of recurring issues

Research points out that merely 12.5% of IT incident tickets raised are linked to 80% of employee time lost over IT helpdesk issues. Clearly, employee productivity takes a big hit when they are forced to deal with recurring IT issues that are not resolved in the first instance. Using real-time device data, powerful analytics, and automated workflows, an IT helpdesk can proactively track and predict such issues and amplify the efficiency of IT support teams.

• Faster problem resolution

An automated IT helpdesk can help with faster problem resolution by sorting workflows and routing tickets to relevant channels and representatives for quicker resolution. Additionally, the solution can also prioritise IT tickets that are most critical to business outcomes.

• Cost savings

An automated, AI-powered IT helpdesk solution reduces the need for additional manpower for tech support. Additionally, reduced technical issues or downtime translate into smoother business operations, and better profits and ROI in the long run.

Did you know?

Interestingly, an IT helpdesk can help you reduce spending on employee retention and hiring. Research shows that employees dissatisfied with workplace technology are likelier to quit and less likely to recommend their employer to potential employees.

• Complete endpoint visibility

Complex workloads and an increasing volume of service requests complicate endpoint management. A cloud-based IT service centre offers end-to-end visibility that simplifies the management of even large and distributed networks. This integrated management can also drive proactive identification and early resolution of issues.

IT Service Center for speedier resolution of your employees’ tech issues

An automated, AI-powered IT helpdesk solution reduces the need for additional manpower for tech support. Additionally, reduced technical issues or downtime translate into smoother business operations, and better profits and ROI in the long run.

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