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Build Human-to-Human Connections in B2B Sales with Pardot

Build Human-to-Human Connections in B2B Sales with Pardot

The rise of digital-first sales & marketing experiences could leave B2B buyers craving for in-person interactions. Learn how Pardot helps build human-to-human connections in B2B settings.

B2B marketing and sales teams target seasoned professionals who deal with high volume, big-ticket transactions. These professionals complete a set ofcomplextasks – like, problem identification, solution exploration, supplier selection, validation, etc. – before making a purchase. Theirjourney from awareness to purchase is non-linear, making B2B selling harder.

Even as businesses digitisetheir processes to make selling and buying easier for each stakeholder, B2B buyers seek improved virtual buying experiences like those common in B2C settings. In the end, the B2B buyer too is a human being looking to fulfil individual and business needs.

The key to more fruitful B2B interactions is “buyer enablement” through digital-first buying experiences that have a human touch.

B2B marketing automation that builds human-to-human connections

B2B marketing automationtools not only help save time; they enable customer-centric engagements and communication by giving marketing and sales teams access to comprehensive customer data and rich insights. This helps B2B marketers have meaningful conversations and enable salespeople to add more value to their customers’ lives. The more context you have, the better you can position your “offerings” as “solutions”, getting to the core of each customer’s needs.

Pardot, for instance, is a B2B marketing automation tool that brings marketing and sales teams on the same page to build deeper human-to-human connections with customers. It “aids” human interaction with more customer information rather than “replacing” it.

Here’s how Pardot can help:

Align the B2B marketing and sales agendas

Bring your sales and marketing teams on a single platform with a shared 360-degree view of the customer. Even if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team, Pardot’s marketing automation features enable sales teams to drive personalised customer engagement at scale using marketing-approved templates and nurturing tracks.

Drive contextual real-time engagement

Get instant alerts and insights based on customer activity to understand their specific interests and engagement patterns. Having the right information at the right time helps have meaningful, individual-focused conversations that earn trust. Also, targeting your offers towards each customer’s or prospect’s needs helps close more deals.

Launch one-to-one email campaigns at scale

Use features like out-of-the-box templates, dynamic content, and custom designing to build attractive emails that inspire action. You can launch effective drip campaigns and nurturing emails to quickly convert prospects into customers. With auto segmentation and scheduling, send highly personalised messages to one or thousands of customers in no time.

Build landing pages that create a connection

Use templates and the visual editor to build beautifully branded landing pages (without IT support) to drive higher engagement. If you want to lock down certain areas of your landing page for editing, use the lockable content feature to enable advanced customisation control over page templates. Landing pages can also be integrated with sales and marketing workflows to automatically trigger action.

Continuously improve your marketing and sales outreach

Get intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven insights into the impact created by your campaigns. Based on past and current campaign performance and an understanding of your customers, Pardot suggests ways to maximise engagement and campaign ROI.

Get started with Pardot

For marketing and sales campaigns that seek to improve one-to-one engagement, you need to make well-informed decisions and have streamlined workflows. Powered by AI and built on the world’s #1 CRM – Salesforce, Pardot helps align sales and marketing teams to build human-to-human connections with the right prospects and customers, using the right information and tools.

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