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Digital Transformation

Real business transformation happens, inside and out, when you stop focusing solely on systems and put your customer at the center of every decision.

Chapter 2: Examples of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a concept that varies by industry, vertical, company and the availability of technology, so it's not easily understood nor is there one example of digital transformations. To give you a better understanding of what real 'Digital Transformation" looks like, here are 5 real businesses that leveraged new technologies to digitally transform and evolve their business.

Chapter 3: How to Digitally Transform Your Business

A true Digital Transformation isn't just upgrading a couple business systems, but a wholesale change in the technology that is the foundation of your business. Due to the multiple changes, a Digital Transformation strategy is required to properly transform your business from the analog to the digital and beyond.

Chapter 1: Why Are Businesses Going Through Digital Transformations?

Why do businesses go through digital transformations? Simple, because change is constant. Companies must continue to evolve if they want to stay relevant. Not only does innovation matter externally, but transforming internally is just as critical. Digital transformation applies to every business size, whether that's machine learning, artificial intelligence or automation, modern technological innovations create new opportunities and introduce better, more efficient ways to do business. Learn more about Digital Transformation from Salesforce.

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Get our monthly newsletter for the latest business insights.