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5 Financial Services Trailblazers That Have Nailed Customer Delight

5 Financial Services Trailblazers That Have Cracked the Code on Customer Delight

How can India’s financial services companies inspire customer trust in uncertain times? Learn from the success stories of these five Trailblazers.

Two years into the pandemic, India’s financial services landscape looks very different from what it did pre-COVID-19. Digitalisation continues to pick up speed with 91% of customers saying they use digital banking at least once a month, and 50% using fintech or e-wallet services.

Meanwhile, only 29% of customers trust their banks to look after their long-term financial well-being, compared to 43% in 2018. The same applies to only 24% of insurance customers, compared to 32% earlier. That means financial institutions need to be doing more to keep customers happy.

For instance, it isn’t enough to simply offer multi-channel financial services. What’s important is providing a seamless omni-channel experience across touchpoints – be it an ATM, a local banking branch, or on a mobile banking app.

Similarly, it isn’t enough to automate and digitise financial services if that means losing the human touch. Customers want an empathetic and personalised experience – whether they’re applying for a digital loan or looking for investment advice. They also expect transparency when it comes to how their data is used.

Self-service is another major trend. Customers want to manage transactions and solve basic issues on their own without having to click around endlessly, or make numerous calls to a service centre.

For financial services companies, these trends call for a rethink of customer experiences. What can your business do to truly delight customers, and forge long-term relationships?

Learn from the best through our new ebook Meet 5 Financial Services Trailblazers from India. This collection of success stories explores how financial services leaders are differentiating their marketing, sales, and service experiences with Salesforce.

Take, for instance, Rupeek – a premier doorstep gold loans service provider that is dazzling customers with smooth omni-channel service, while also enriching employee experiences with powerful productivity tools. Using Salesforce for process optimisation has helped the company improve service productivity by 50%. And with a unified customer view, agents have reduced the number of calls to customers by 20-30%.

Meanwhile, leading online payment gateway, Razorpay has used Salesforce to streamline and automate sales activities, leading to a 38% increase in lead conversions and a 30% leap in sales efficiency. Merchants are now contacted within minutes of submitting their interest on the company website. And teams have all the customer data they need at their fingertips to personalise interactions.

Other stories in our ebook explore how:

  • Credit solutions provider, DMI Finance digitised loan management, enabling credit decisions for 95% of loan applications to be made in less than 60 seconds
  • Edelweiss Global Wealth Management has achieved 92% satisfied customers through faster issue resolution, a fully-automated NPS workflow, and a sentiment analysis engine
  • RBL Bank integrated credit card application onboarding processes on one platform, reducing customer onboarding time by 50%

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