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Supercharge Selling With Trusted AI

Whether you’re a startup that has just landed your first customer or an enterprise with billions in revenue, AI can revolutionise your sales process and take your performance to new heights. 

The pressure on sales teams to perform and drive revenue growth is ever present. However, in a tough economic environment, there’s a greater focus on productivity. Success increasingly depends on the efficiency with which sales reps make decisions and move deals from prospect to close. 

Einstein 1 Sales makes it faster to do both with built-in data and trusted AI. It automates sales tasks and surfaces insights that guide sellers to close fast. 

Here, we unpack how Einstein 1 Sales can supercharge selling and share how Canva has optimised its sales process for productivity and growth.

Trusted AI starts with a foundation of data

Before we can talk about AI, we need to talk about data. Within most organisations, there’s a treasure trove of data that can help sales teams drive deals forward. 

There’s the typical information on accounts, leads, and opportunities within the CRM database. There’s information resulting from emails and video calls as well as clicks on the website or calls to the service desk. There are also external data signals from the news and social media. 

To fuel decisions and productivity, this data needs to be connected and that’s what Salesforce does with Data Cloud

Included in Einstein 1 Sales, Data Cloud harmonises and surfaces actionable insights in an organisation’s CRM. So sales teams get full pipeline visibility, forecast with confidence and unlock data driven upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Most importantly, with a strong data foundation in place, sales teams can unlock the insights and efficiencies made possible by AI.

Einstein 1 Sales increases productivity across the sales process 

Imagine a world with no more manual tasks and having your own dedicated sales admin that takes notes, writes emails, conducts research, and updates your CRM so you can focus on your customers.

Einstein 1 Sales brings sales teams closer to this world, providing opportunities across the sales process to increase productivity with AI. 

Take Einstein Copilot. A conversational assistant powered by generative AI, Einstein Copilot can answer questions, summarise and create content, interpret complex conversations, and dynamically automate tasks. 

Sales reps can ask Einstein Copilot for forecasting guidance and to flag deals that require attention in order to hit quota. They can ask for research and personalised action plans to close deals. Sales reps can also ask Einstein Copilot to draft emails and update opportunity records. 

Einstein Conversation Insights is another AI-driven solution that helps increase productivity and advance deals. It provides actionable insights from sales calls so reps can better understand customer needs and tailor their approach. It also identifies trending topics or areas of competitive risk. 

In your reimagined seller experience, Einstein is there for you, advancing deals and progressing tasks at every single stage.

Jacob Hkiek
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce

Sales Programs help increase revenue and efficiency 

Operationalising sales programs can help reps be more productive at scale. That’s why we have applied AI and automation to make this easier than ever. 

With Sales Programs, organisations can quickly launch programs to enter new markets, compete more effectively, or simply onboard new reps. 

Program resources and AI-powered coaching are delivered to reps in their flow of work. They can see exactly what they need to do to succeed and they have everything they need to perform those activities right in their CRM. 

Sales Programs also makes it easy for managers to set targets and track rep engagement.  With program analytics, managers  can also capture data needed to iterate on sales programs and continuously improve rep performance.

Because Sales Programs are so quick to deploy and launch, you can quickly pivot your sales team. You can also A/B test programs against one another, so you’re constantly refining and optimising that revenue engine.

Justin Le Roux
SVP and COO, APAC, Salesforce

Canva optimises sales process and prioritises AI

Canva, the online visual communication and collaboration platform, has used Sales Cloud to optimise its sales process and supercharge selling to the enterprise. 

James Brady, Head of Strategic Accounts at Canva, said bringing all enterprise workflows onto Salesforce had been a huge focus and helped the team in a number of ways. 

“First, Salesforce speeds up our business processes. Secondly, it gives us a 360 degree view of our customers so we can better serve their needs. And finally, it gives our reps time back which they can spend with their customers,” said Brady. 

“One really exciting thing is we’re also integrating our own product directly into Salesforce. So soon reps will be able to generate an entire custom Canva presentation and autofill the Salesforce data in just one click,” he added. 

Brady shared that AI is a massive priority for the company, including within its own platform. It has launched Magic Studio, a suite of AI tools designed to empower teams to create compelling content at scale. 

The sales team is excited by the potential of applying AI to its own processes and about using Sales Cloud Anywhere to reduce swivel chair and access CRM data right from within email or when browsing the web.

When we heard about Einstein Copilot, everyone was very excited. There are so many tedious tasks that our sales reps have to go through on a day to day basis. So the ability to automate that with AI is going to be really needle moving.

James Brady
Head of Strategic Accounts, Canva

Learn more about how you can supercharge sales with trusted AI. Watch the on-demand session on Salesforce+ and download our report on Trends in Generative AI.

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