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We have scaled the business through automation on the Salesforce platform, without compromising on customer experience. The extent of customisation that Salesforce offers is far greater than any other platform.”

Kapil Rathee | President, Junglee Games


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Junglee Games provides a winning customer experience with Salesforce

The online gaming industry in India has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. It is expected to reach 628 million users and grow to USD 1.1 billion in revenue by the end of 2020. This race to game online has revolutionised user engagement, and interaction between the user and the game provider.

Putting customer experience at the centre of the gaming ecosystem, Junglee Games, a skill gaming company, is a pioneer in the Indian gaming space.

Entering the playfield

Founded in 2012, Junglee Games develops gaming technology for desktop and mobile platforms. “Our core competency lies in skill-based gaming, and we are one of the fastest-growing companies in South East Asia,” says Kapil Rathee, President of Junglee Games. Some of the company’s most popular games include Junglee Rummy, Eatme.io, Junglee Teen Patti, and Howzat.

Rathee details the many trends that have driven Junglee Games’ rapid growth: the availability of cheaper smartphones, faster internet capabilities, inclusion of new lifestyle experiences like gaming in the online space, and deeper penetration of digital micro-payments.

“In recent times, there has also been increased interest from international investors in the industry, which has given it a further boost,” says Rathee.  “The lockdown also led to an increase in demand for both gaming and OTT platforms to help people entertain and de-stress themselves.”

Determining the game strategy

As demand for online gaming grows, delivering a consistent and seamless gaming experience becomes a priority. And this includes providing proactive and instant assistance outside the game. However, the company’s existing CRM offered limited customisation and integration capabilities to enable that. Further, customer communication touchpoints like chat, email, and calls were spread across different platforms. This hampered both visibility into customer interactions, and a comprehensive understanding of customer experience and behaviour.

“Initially, customer cases were raised to the team solely via email. But as the number of emails increased, we realised that managing them manually was not sustainable,” explains Rathee. “Also, with customer data spread across emails, we had no way of accessing insights into what customers really needed.”

The company needed a robust platform capable of scaling with efficiency to consolidate customer data and deliver smarter, faster customer service.

Junglee Games also wanted a safe and secure platform that would build customer trust. “For games that involve financial investment, we have to ensure that our customers have the safest environment to make online transactions. The platform had to have anti-fraud capabilities and solid encryption,” says Rathee.

“Essentially, we needed to have scalable systems and smart processes in place. This is when we turned to Salesforce.”

Playing the trump card with Salesforce

Junglee Games deployed Service Cloud to streamline its processes, resolve customer issues across channels, and deliver a seamless customer experience for its most popular game, Junglee Rummy.

Using Salesforce, service agents can promptly respond to customer needs and queries on any channel. “Our customers contact us via emails, calls, contact forms within the game, and live chat. All these channels are integrated into the Salesforce platform, providing us with a unified view of our customers across various touchpoints,” says Rathee.

“This single view of the entire customer journey has boosted service agent efficiency in many ways, and led to an 18% improvement in the quality of service,” explains Rathee.

It helps the company’s Customer Experience team to prioritise customers based on urgency. “If the same customer has reached out to us on multiple channels, thanks to the unified view we now have, we can prioritise them,” says Rathee.

It has also reduced the customer interaction count by 15%.

Further, insights gained from customer data allow the team to build automated rules for standard customer queries. With a 40% increase in case automation, agents are able to focus on cases that require manual intervention.

Intelligent rules automatically assign cases to relevant subject matter experts. This, and the 360-degree customer view is also helping the company to reduce turnaround times. Earlier, Junglee Games took an average of 48 hours to resolve cases, they now do it in 24 hours.

Finally, all this has boosted the efficiency of the Customer Experience team by 20%, a number that Rathee anticipates will further increase to 50% by the next quarter.

Junglee Games also uses data from Salesforce to continuously assess customer satisfaction levels. Customer feedback is fed into the system in a continuous loop – managers can analyse this data in real-time to drive customer satisfaction. “Our CSAT levels are now at more than 80 percent,” says Rathee.

“Our year-on-year growth has been more than 100%, and our customer volume has also been growing at the same pace, but not customer queries or complaints,” says Rathee. “This is because we have built a stable product based on the insights we gain into customer pain points. And these insights allow us to proactively address issues before they arise.”

En route to more milestones

This is just Level 1 of Junglee Games’ game plan. The company is now looking to expand geographically and diversify its product lines. With plug-and-play systems, processes, and teams already in place, the company is confident that it can scale easily and quickly.

But finally, all the investments that Junglee Games has made is to ensure that they can continue delivering a consistent customer experience.

“In order to truly understand customers, a human touch is required. Understanding customers’ mindsets, empathising with them, and identifying their problem areas will help us deliver unparalleled customer service.

“With processes automated and streamlined on Salesforce, and deep insights gained from customer data, our Customer Experience team can finally focus on delivering delightful experiences,” concludes Rathee.


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