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Salesforce and Partner Ecosystem Extend Wave Analytics Apps to New Departments and Industries

New Wave for B2B Marketing will enable companies to better align marketing and sales teams with actionable insights on campaign effectiveness and mark

New Wave for B2B Marketing will enable companies to better align marketing and sales teams with actionable insights on campaign effectiveness and marketing spend

New Wave for Financial Services Cloud will empower financial advisors to better manage their books of business by uncovering new client opportunities and maximizing their time

More than 20 new Wave apps from leading ISVs including Everis, ThinkLP and Vlocity further extend the power of Wave Analytics to even more departments and industries

New Wave Dashboard Designer and Wave Dataset Designer will supercharge customization, enabling companies to personalize apps for every role and combine multiple data sources with clicks, not code

SAN FRANCISCO—Sept. 1, 2016—Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM company, today announced the expansion of its Wave Analytics portfolio with new apps built by Salesforce and independent software vendors (ISVs) in its ecosystem. New Salesforce Wave apps for B2B Marketing and Financial Services Cloud, as well as 20 apps from leading ISV partners including Everis, ThinkLP and Vlocity, allow even more employees to be smarter about their customers with actionable insights within the context of their businesses. In addition, the new Wave Dashboard Designer and Wave Dataset Designer enable companies to personalize Wave apps for each role and function within a department, and combine data from multiple data sources to provide employees with the specific insights they need to drive their businesses forward.

Salesforce launched Wave Analytics Cloud to empower employees with pre-configured, easy-to-use analytics apps that deliver data-driven insights they have come to expect from consumer apps like Fitbit, Mint and Waze. Traditional business analytics tools are often disconnected from business processes and present data in static outdated reports that require an army of experts to create. Wave apps seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and provide users with an intuitive, self-service way to drill into the most up-to-date data, uncover insights, collaborate and take instant action, from any device. And today, the Analytics Cloud is extending its apps portfolio beyond sales, service and IT with apps for marketing, financial services as well as apps from ISV partners.

Introducing New Wave Analytics Apps for B2B Marketing and Financial Services Cloud from Salesforce
The new Wave for B2B Marketing app enables marketers to better align marketing and sales teams with actionable insights on marketing spend and campaign effectiveness. Now B2B marketers can drill into marketing and CRM data such as lead volume, lead-to-opportunity conversion rates, pipeline velocity and campaign ROI, and combine that data with third-party sources such as Google Analytics and event management platforms to gain insight into how their campaigns are performing so they can quickly make adjustments to improve outcomes. And because the Wave for B2B Marketing app is seamlessly connected to Salesforce, marketers can share dashboards, assign tasks and collaborate to improve performance, all from any device. For example, the head of marketing can better manage campaign effectiveness by analyzing pipeline by region, including external data like event performance and webinar attendance, to identify areas for improvement. Once an underperforming territory is identified, the marketer can drill into pipe-generating activities, such as events and email nurture campaigns, to understand performance and the drivers behind the issue. From there, marketers can quickly share findings and collaborate with teams via Chatter to spin up personalized campaigns for their top leads. For more on Wave for B2B Marketing, visit this blog post.

Also new today, Wave for Financial Services Cloud enables advisors to take a multidimensional approach to managing their books of business. With one click, advisors can identify which clients were affected by a recent shift in the market or have made a significant deposit and require extra guidance on their holdings. Additionally, with the new 80/20 Dashboard — based on the theory that 80% of advisors’ revenues comes from 20% of their clients — advisors can quickly identify high-value clients, and prioritize activities and time accordingly. And because Wave is embedded in Financial Services Cloud, advisors can create opportunities and tasks without leaving Salesforce. For more on Wave for Financial Services Cloud, visit the press release.

Salesforce Partner Ecosystem Extends the Power of Wave Analytics to More Roles, Departments and Industries
Salesforce’s vibrant ecosystem of ISV partners is further extending the power of Wave Analytics to even more departments and industries. With new apps for departments, ranging from HR to accounting, and addressing the specific needs of industries like healthcare, retail, manufacturing and more, employees are empowered to explore data, collaborate with their teams and take a data-driven action, from any device. Today 20 ISV Wave apps are live in the Salesforce AppExchange, including innovative apps from Everis, ThinkLP and Vlocity.
Everis ehCOS Wave Analytics: Now doctors, nurses, and social workers can gain a better understanding of the complex transition of patients from hospitals to rehabilitation centers and beyond in order to determine what prevents timely discharge. With ehCOS Wave Analytics, health and social care managers can provide the right care to patients, at the right time.
ThinkLP Loss Prevention Analytics: Retailers can improve customer experiences and reduce inventory shrink by quickly analyzing point-of-sale records, returns, loyalty card usage, attendance, inventory and more to identify loss patterns and take data-driven action to proactively reduce risk. For instance, loss prevention teams at American retailer Lids Sports Group are connecting loss prevention data sources to ThinkLP to automate alerts that drive immediate action to increase compliance and improve profitability.
Vlocity Clickstream Analytics: Contact center managers in the telecommunications industry can monitor every customer interaction to optimize agent effectiveness and customer service with insights into real-time operational data like call-times, service histories, propensity to purchase, and details on click-streams.

Wave Dashboard Designer and Wave Dataset Designer Supercharge Wave Apps
One-size-fits-all analytics tools are not conducive to solving for the unique questions and goals of employees across different departments and roles within an organization. With new Wave Dashboard and Dataset Designers, companies have the unprecedented ability to personalize Wave apps to fit each user’s specific needs, making them smarter than ever about their customers. Find out more here.
Wave Dashboard Designer: Allows admins to provide each role and function within a department with tailored, self-service analytics apps that are customized for their specific needs. For example, sales people in various roles across inside sales, sales operations, business development, management and more are armed with the KPIs most relevant to them.
Wave Dataset Designer: Enables employees to gain a complete view of their business by quickly and easily combining data from multiple external sources, with clicks, not code. Now, service managers can connect sensor data from connected devices with Salesforce Service Cloud data in order to better understand usage patterns and proactively address issues, all without relying on IT.

Comments on the news:
“Wave apps are transforming the way employees make decisions and drive their businesses forward,” said Bob Stutz, Chief Analytics Officer and CEO of Marketing Cloud, Salesforce. “And by extending Wave apps to even more departments and industries, we are making every employee smarter, empowering them with personalized answers, embedded seamlessly where they work.”

Wave Apps Empower Employees Across Sales, Service, Marketing, IT and Financial Services with Analytics Apps
The world’s most data-driven companies, including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and xMatters, are transforming the way they connect with customers by arming employees across their organizations with the trust, scale and speed of Wave apps. In fact, IDC reports that one year after implementing Wave Analytics, HMH will earn a five-year ROI of more than 200% and break even on its investment in less than one year.

Pricing & Availability
Wave apps for Sales and Service are generally available today and start at $75 per user, per month. Wave Dashboard Designer and Wave Dataset Designer are generally available today and included with any Wave App license.
Wave for Event Monitoring is generally available today and is included with an Event Monitoring license.
Wave for B2B Marketing will be generally available in October 2016. Pricing will be announced at the time of general availability.
The new Wave for Financial Services Cloud will be generally available in fall 2016 and is included at no additional charge for Financial Services Cloud users in Enterprise Edition and above.
Wave apps from leading ISVs are generally available today in the AppExchange. Additional ISV apps are forthcoming. Pricing per app varies.
All Salesforce Wave apps are designed for iOS and Android devices.

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