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Guide Inside Sales Teams with Einstein Call Coaching

Here at Salesforce, we have a deep understanding of what makes sales teams successful. We can help prioritize leads and point you to the next best step to close a deal. We know how to make sales reps and managers more productive. And we know that every call matters when quotas increase every quarter and buyers are more overwhelmed with information and choices than ever before.

Today, prospects have loads of information at their fingertips, so a call is a critical opportunity to interact with them directly—every moment counts. How can managers ensure their reps make the most out of every call? How do you best prepare reps to be the face and voice of your company?

Introducing AI-powered coaching for inside sales

Today, we’re introducing Einstein Call Coaching for High Velocity Sales, to give sales managers the ability to see insights and trends that are surfaced within conversational data.

Einstein Call Coaching enables sales teams to understand what’s going on in customer calls. Maybe a competitor is getting mentioned more often or customers are unhappy with pricing. What products are customers asking about most? Even if your company recorded calls with customers’ consent for compliance or quality assurance purposes, those learnings from customer conversations were not gathered, and those insights were lost.

With Einstein Call Coaching, managers can see how these occurrences in a call can be part of a bigger trend. By using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Einstein Call Coaching analyzes call recordings and provides sales reps and managers with the insights needed to optimize every call.

Einstein Call Coaching empowers inside sales teams with:

  • Management-level visibility into key moments during a sales call, such as the mention of a competitor, pricing, or product, or customize it to anything specific a company wants to track. A manager can easily listen to that mention and hear how the rep handled it, rather than listen to the entire call. If the rep did great, awesome. If the rep could improve, now the manager can share with them that exact portion of the conversation and talk through how to handle it differently next time.
  • Conversation trends on reps’ calls can guide larger strategies and organizational changes. Managers can use these insights to see how the market is changing, find opportunities to pair products together, or take other data-driven actions. For example, if mentions of a specific product are decreasing, managers can offer a discount to encourage renewals.
  • A conversation library highlights the team’s best examples of successful sales calls as a training tool. Managers can designate calls they felt were done well so reps can learn by listening. This library gives new hires an easy way to ramp up quickly, can be a refresher for reps shifting focus areasand can even give marketing teams direct access to customer feedback.

Stronger teams, smarter strategies

We know sales managers want to help their reps learn and grow, but how does a manager listen to hundreds or thousands of calls and share that information widely? 73% of managers spend less than 5% of their time coaching their reps, and we wanted to make the most of that time. Einstein Call Coaching helps managers more effectively coach individuals, provides the ability to scale those learnings across teams and gain deeper insights into customer needs and experiences.

Take a look at our other Einstein Voice innovations being introduced at Dreamforce today, and if you’re attending, be sure to join us at the Sales Keynote on Wednesday, November 20, 11:00 AM PT in Moscone North, Hall F to see Einstein Call Coaching in action.


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