With so much activity happening in your company, you need an easy way to get visibility into how your company is using Chatter. With Chatter analytics, you can run real-time reports to gain insight into user adoption of Chatter, learn how to improve collaboration, and uncover best practices. And you can collaborate with colleagues on your top Salesforce reports and dashboards for quicker decision making.


See how your company is using Chatter

Chatter analytics

Create reports and dashboards on Chatter users and their followers, feeds, comments, groups, members, and group comments.

Get updates on key dashboard conversations

Dashboard Chatter

Follow dashboards and get updates right in your feed. Stay tuned to discussions around dashboard data and collaborate with colleagues for quicker and better decision making.

Collaborate on your team’s key reports

Report Chatter

Follow reports that are important to you. Collaborate and get updates from colleagues right in your feed.

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