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With Salesforce, we can put customer satisfaction and retention under the microscope.”

- Chris McClellan, CEO, RAM Tracking

Shorter sales cycles, greater customer satisfaction, and smarter marketing campaigns help fleet management company clock up 50% growth

Attracting customers is important, but so is retaining them – especially when renewal revenue is at stake. As a cloud-based company, RAM Tracking needs to nurture its customers long after the initial sale to maximise ongoing subscriptions.

“We’re not just focused on winning customers, we’re focused on satisfying and retaining them too,” said Scott Chesworth, Operations Director at RAM Tracking. “For us, it’s not about the sales funnel; it’s about the entire customer journey.” And RAM Tracking has the accreditations to prove it.

The company, which helps corporate customers manage their cars, vans, and lorries with state-of-the-art GPS systems, has a three-star ‘exceptional’ rating for customer service from independent assessor Investor in Customers (IIC).

To achieve this accolade, RAM Tracking had to transform a number of internal and customer-facing processes. “We’d previously received a two-star rating from IIC but that wasn’t good enough for us,” said Chesworth. “With Salesforce, we knew we could take things to the next level.”

On the road to success

Customer ‘health’ scores, mobile apps, predictive analytics, and automated workflows are just some of the innovations and improvements that helped RAM Tracking achieve its three-star goal. Freeing up its customer success team to spend more time with customers was a key priority.

“Every time an engineer installed a new tracking device, they had to contact the team to carry out various tests,” said Chesworth. “As a result, around 70% of the calls being handled each day were not actually from customers at all.” A mobile app developed on Salesforce Salesforce Platform has eliminated this process, resulting in 1,500 fewer calls per month. This means the team can spend 30% more time dealing with customers.

To help customers maximise their return on investment, RAM Tracking monitors every log-in on every in-vehicle tracking device. “We wanted to take a completely different - and disruptive - approach to customer adoption,” explained Chesworth. “By capturing detailed usage analytics, we can deliver targeted training and trigger automated journeys.” This has helped to increase the average number of customer log-ins per month by 15%.

The automated journeys are managed via Pardot, which has also helped to simplify the on-boarding of new customers and ongoing marketing activities. “We can see how customers respond to different marketing approaches – even down to different email subject lines,” said Chesworth. Thanks to these and other marketing success metrics, RAM Tracking has been able to cut its spend on Pay-Per-Click advertising by 24% with no adverse affect on customer acquisition.

The tracking device usage analytics captured in Salesforce also feed into product development and renewal processes. “We could see that usage spiked after a training session,” said Chesworth. “So we now offer training just before a renewal.”

RAM Tracking uses a ‘renewal score’ to identify the likelihood of losing or retaining a customer. It also assigns every customer a ‘health score’, which is based on satisfaction levels. Customers with a below average score are contacted by the after-sales team to iron out any issues. “With Salesforce, we can put customer satisfaction and retention under the microscope,” added Chris McClellan, CEO at RAM Tracking.

Driving up performance

RAM Tracking has been using Salesforce in its UK and Canadian offices since 2012, and this is its second Salesforce success story. The platform has become integral to not only operating the business but also growing it. As McClellan explained: “In 2016, we scaled up our headcount by 50% it was a hurricane of a year.”

Every member of the company’s 120-strong team uses Salesforce – from Jane in sales and Sean in accounts to Paul in engineering and Mia in telemarketing. And everyone has benefited from process and performance improvements. For example, the sales cycle has halved from 35 to 18 days; in-vehicle installations take 13 days instead of 21; and the lead to invoice time has decreased from 56 to 31 days.

The ability to tap into performance metrics like these is critical not only for McClellan and his management colleagues but also the entire RAM Tracking team. From sales targets and resolution rates to installation volumes and marketing results, every department displays its Salesforce dashboards on large screens. “It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop; there’s so much choice in terms of business reporting and analytics,” said Chesworth.

As well evaluating current performance, RAM Tracking wants to empower its people to predict the future. For example, every sales person can analyse the value of their pipeline and the probability of different leads converting. “With Salesforce, we can look at what’s happened in the past and determine what will happen next. It helps us decide where to place our chips next,” said McClellan.

And those chips have already been placed for 2017: rebuilding the vehicle tracking platform and becoming the supplier of choice are the next priorities for McClellan and his team. “We want to be the Salesforce of the vehicle tracking world,” said McClellan. “We don’t want to just grow our business, we want to make it more mobile, social, and digital.”

RAM Tracking is already well on the road to achieving these goals. It clocked up a record number of unit sales in September 2016 and has created a new team that generates additional vertical revenues of more than £500,000 per annum. “With Salesforce, we can work more effectively and forecast more intelligently. This will enable us to continue to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve exceptional business growth,” said McClellan.


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