Kuoni Global Travel Services

Salesforce is helping us become a more dynamic business and reinforcing our innovative culture”

- Martin Jones, Senior Vice President for Global Sourcing and Commercial Development

Salesforce is just the ticket for Kuoni Global Travel Services

When it comes to travel, everyone has recommendations to share. For Kuoni Global Travel Services, capturing these recommendations from its 3,200 staff across 90 locations is essential to maintaining its competitive advantage.

As Martin Jones, Senior Vice President for Global Sourcing and Commercial Development for GTA, part of Kuoni Global Travel Services, confirms: “The business-to-business travel sector is incredibly complex and fast-moving. To provide our customers with the best experience for the best price, we need to be able to connect our people across the globe.”

Salesforce has been providing Kuoni Global Travel Services with that connection since 2008. As well as uniting colleagues, the solution unites information at every level – from lead generation and team performance to contract renewals and supplier accounts.

“For us, Salesforce is all about visibility,” comments Jones. “A lot of the information is not new; it’s just now in one place instead of being scattered across different apps and bits of paper in people’s drawers.”

Service Cloud and Sales Cloud are vital to enabling this integrated approach, which helps simplify interactions with the company’s 45,000 suppliers and 40,000 independent travel agents.

As Alison Floutier, Sourcing Processes and Salesforce.com Manager for GTA, explains: “In the GTA sourcing team, we use Sales Cloud to capture the details of every supplier account while Service Cloud enables us to log and resolve queries.”

GTA’s sales team are also using Sales Cloud and Service Cloud in a similar way to track and share information about the company’s clients, who range from high street and online travel agents to wholesalers and leisure group tour operators.

Open for business

The enterprise social networking tool, Salesforce Chatter, has also become key for information sharing at Kuoni Global Travel Services and GTA, with more than 70 percent of the company’s 3,200 employees

“With Chatter, our sourcing experts can tap into the global experience and recommendations of our entire team when creating travel solutions for clients,” comments Jones. “By moving from closed email exchanges to open groups, we’ve increased the interaction between sales and sourcing, which means we find out about new suppliers and properties earlier.”

Thanks to Salesforce, these important interactions don't stop when a colleague leaves their desk. As Jones explains: “A large proportion of GTA’s sourcing team is mobile. In the past, they returned to the office to log new information. With Salesforce, they can not only make their updates on the move but also post a comment to Chatter about the meeting outcome.”

For Kuoni Global Travel Services, more velocity and visibility mean one thing: a better service for its customers. “Travel agents want immediate service and immediate solutions,” says Jones. “Salesforce is helping us become a more dynamic business and reinforcing our innovative and entrepreneurial culture.”


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