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Sweaty Betty races ahead with targeted experiences and stronger online sales

Sweaty Betty’s mission is simple: to empower women to look and feel amazing while living an active life. Founded in 1998, the company’s activewear is designed for women by women, combining body sculpting technology with fashion forward prints.

One of the first brands to give traditional sportswear manufacturers a run for their money, it’s no surprise that the Trailblazing retailer has legions of dedicated fans. And these loyal customers are helping to fuel explosive growth in sales.


With Commerce Cloud, we can run localised journeys for different audiences; for example we can promote summer wear in Australia at the same time as winter wear in the UK. And if we have a worldwide sale, we can make sure it ends at midnight in the shopper’s local time”

Annabel Thorburn, SVP Ecommerce, Sweaty Betty

Driving more sales through online channels

The record-breaking growth was powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which underpins the retailer’s website and global ecommerce operations. Since launching on the platform in mid-2018, Sweaty Betty has seen double digit year-on-year growth online. “With Salesforce, we can sell smarter. It helps us segment and target our customers to drive loyalty, test, and optimise our merchandising, and surface relevant recommendations for our customers,” added Thorburn.

An early adopter of ecommerce, the Trailblazing company launched its first online shop in 2000 – and is now on a mission to make its online channels even more successful. “We are dedicated to providing an amazing omni-channel customer experience,” said Thorburn.

Sweaty Betty sells from 60 shops around the globe, these are community hubs enabling customers to experience firsthand its exclusive fabrics and pioneering fit across its collections for workouts, yoga, running, skiing, and swimming, as well as over 100 free classes in-store every week. 

A scalable and beautiful online experience for global customers.

To achieve its ambitious sales target, Sweaty Betty needs to get closer to its online customers to find out what type of shopping experience they want – and then meet these expectations across every geography.

“Our ideal online experience is what we call ‘beautiful technical’ – which is one of our product brand values – a highly functioning website that looks great,” said Thorburn. “Running successful marketing campaigns is useless if your website can’t handle the demand.”

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Sweaty Betty gets the best of both worlds. Implemented in 2018, Salesforce Commerce Cloud will enable the retailer to deliver a highly scalable and beautiful online experience for thousands of customers, which include celebrities, Olympic athletes, and entrepreneurs. “We build customer loyalty through amazing service. We want people to feel special whether they’re visiting us in person or browsing from their phone on the tube,” said Thorburn. 

Different experiences for different audiences.

To make sure this special feeling extends to every area of its online offering, Sweaty Betty has been using Salesforce Commerce Cloud to collect and analyse customer responses to different features, offers and personalised content. “With AB testing, we can understand what prompts customers to engage with our content and buy our products,” said Thorburn.

With customers all over the world, Sweaty Betty needs to be able to tailor this content to different seasons and sports. “With Commerce Cloud, we can run localised journeys for different audiences; for example we can promote summer wear in Australia at the same time as winter wear in the UK. And if we have a worldwide sale, we can make sure it ends at midnight in the shopper’s local time,” revealed Thorburn.

The retailer can also nurture relationships with its exclusive VIP customers by giving them access to new lines ahead of the general public, which encourages more sales. 

Integration simplifies stock management

Delivering a great online shopping experience requires more than just great content; it requires great fulfilment processes too. “To secure repeat business, you need to address any pain points in the customer journey,” explained Thorburn.

By integrating Commerce Cloud with its ERP system and warehouse, Sweaty Betty can simplify stock management and help consumers to shop smarter. For example, a stock counter notifies browsers when a particular item is running low on stock. 

Opening up new growth opportunities

With the majority of traffic now coming from mobile devices, the solution will also help to optimise the website for this growing channel. “There are so many opportunities to optimise our ecommerce activities and drive growth across key geographies,“ said Thorburn. “Salesforce will help us invest in the right people, processes, and priorities so we can maximise these opportunities.”

And Sweaty Betty already has a pipeline of opportunities that it wants to tap into – from introducing visual product searches to making personalised recommendations powered by Einstein.

“Sweaty Betty is more than just a retailer; we want to become a lifestyle hub that customers come to for great content as well as great activewear,” commented Thorburn. “With Salesforce, we can enrich our brand and the omni-channel experience for our customers.”


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