Salesforce World Tour London

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We’re in a new world of work, and businesses that adapt are thriving. Join us as we speak to Currys to hear how Customer 360 is enabling companies in every industry to succeed from anywhere.
World Tour Today brings you the biggest and best highlights from World Tour London. We'll hear from Salesforce executives and customers in the main keynote and so much more!
Modern selling requires you to balance growth & productivity. Learn how Trailblazers are using a single, trusted platform with the power of AI and automation for long-term sales success.
How can your data strategy support your business objectives? Learn how to unlock, analyse, and act on your data to help drive transformation with MuleSoft, Tableau, and the Salesforce Platform.
What if you could make work better for anyone in your organisation? Stop dreaming, Slack makes it a reality. Discover Deloitte Digital’s journey and the possibilities of a Digital HQ.
Imagine skiing 120 kph down a mountain nearly blind. Hear from a 4x British Paralympic medallist on how she builds trust & communicates with her guide, while fearlessly tackling any challenge.
Research shows that SMEs who invest in efficiency-boosting tech increase customer happiness and revenue. Hear how gohenry is handling scale while maintaining a high level of customer service.
Learn how Grainger is innovating customer service, engaging employees and monetising their data to drive growth and reduce costs.
Digital leaders in Communications & Technology are investing in customer transformation in both sales and service. BT & Egress discuss how they prioritised in their multi-cloud transformation journey.
Join Pets at Home as they share their story on creating a seamless and connected 360 Service experience by bringing together technology and personal touches to build lifelong customers.
Learn the importance of visibility across your supply chain to be reactive to market changes, evolving customer expectations and to meet current ESG challenges. Discover Brompton Bikes' Journey.
Join Global Head of Sales Matthew Acton Davis at Revolut to hear about their huge growth journey and how they deliver exceptional customer experience powered by a digital-first workforce.
Learn how three exceptional innovators - DPD UK, Woodland Group and Edwardian Hotels - used digital to successfully differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace.
We have more touchpoints than ever with consumers - and their expectations are evolving. They want personalisation on every engagement. Learn how Currys are keeping up in this omnichannel new world.
Relationships are built by a series of moments. Data-first marketers know their customers, personalising each moment. Learn how F1 is attracting new fans, deepen engagement and drive revenue at scale.
It’s no longer just about price or products in the race for customer loyalty. Join us as we discuss how Currys are wowing their customers with great CX at every touchpoint, both online and in-store.
Salesforce reveals its latest innovation to build customer loyalty and grow community relationships.