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Digital Transformation

Salesforce Delivers the Future of Patient Health with New Innovations

  • Customer 360 for Health draws on the full power of Salesforce to deliver relevant solutions for healthcare and life sciences companies, creating trusted, connected relationships between patients, providers and payers from anywhere. 
  • New innovations include Patient Care Coordination, Patient Virtual Care, Patient Unified Health Scoring, Patient Data Platform and Patient Commerce Portal. 
  • To meet the growing demand for nimble, digital-first solutions, healthcare and life sciences organizations must deliver clinical self-care and wellness services remotely, while securely improving patient access to care and therapy.

At HIMSS 2022, Salesforce announced it will expand its offerings for healthcare and life sciences companies with new innovations across Salesforce’s Customer 360 for Health. Companies including Teladoc Health and Ovation Medical will utilize these new capabilities, which build on existing offerings rolled out in 2021.

Research shows that COVID-19 transformed patient and employee preferences and altered the future of healthcare and life sciences. Delivering personalized care in non-traditional settings – at home, in a retail health clinic, or even through a digital portal — is part of a growing trend that patients, providers and customers alike now seek.

“Healthcare leaders are looking to create streamlined ways for their employees to collaborate while keeping patients at the center of care,” said Kevin Riley, SVP & General Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Salesforce. “These new innovations make that possible and help healthcare and life sciences organizations of all shapes and sizes adapt and grow in more tech-enabled ways.” 

Delivering patient-first care from anywhere

  • Patient Care Coordination enabled by Slack will allow care teams and healthcare organizations to access apps that help improve patient case management and outcomes. Care coordinators will be able to connect with colleagues through alerts, messages and workflows from a secure platform. For example, if a patient has an urgent post-visit question, the care team can connect with the physician via Slack to quickly address the issue.
  • Forty-seven percent of lower-income consumers experience challenges with transportation to doctor’s appointments. With Patient Virtual Care, providers will have the framework to connect with their patients remotely and schedule check-ins, complementing traditional in-person visits. For example, a patient whose lack of transportation makes it difficult to get to their appointment on time could use Virtual Care to connect with their physician virtually.
Patient Virtual Care will help enable healthcare professionals to triage, plan, and deliver care digitally, delivering the convenience of care from anywhere.

Offering insight into a patient’s whole health 

  • With Patient Unified Health Scoring, care teams, providers and payers can combine clinical data — such as blood pressure and temperature — with non-clinical data —  such as demographic and environmental information — to provide a more holistic view of the patient. Patient Unified Health Scoring also provides actionable insights that can help identify potential risks the patients may face and help inform the next best course of action for that patient.
  • Patient Unified Health Scoring is integrated with the Patient Data Platform*, which helps customers connect all of their end customer data in a single place while also meeting their HIPAA compliant responsibilities. Now, patient and member experience managers can capture and segment patient and member data from disparate systems to help create a more patient holistic profile, personalize the engagement, and recommend follow-up care and programs for prevention.
Patient Data Platform unifies and connects all enterprise data. With this scaled set of data, patient and member experience managers are provided with rich insights to drive success.

“Salesforce’s new innovations will enable organizations to provide care from anywhere, and offer insight into clinical and medical risks at the population level,” said Amit Khanna, SVP of Health Cloud, Salesforce. “We’re excited to empower healthcare and life sciences organizations with the technology they need to personalize service and communications at scale by keeping patient-centric experiences top of mind.”

Safeguarding patient data with expanded features to enable HIPAA compliance 

  • Patient Commerce Portal* helps B2B companies handle patient data so they can deliver scalable and personalized direct-to-consumer shopping experiences for patients while meeting their HIPAA compliance responsibilities. For example, a medical device company that typically fulfills orders for glucose monitors through doctors’ offices could now sell directly to consumers that manage their own care, while still safeguarding their patient data. In addition, healthcare organizations can set permissions around certain pieces of patient information on a need to know basis, upholding data security standards while maintaining customer trust.
Patient Data Commerce helps enable customers to meet their HIPAA-compliance responsibilities across multiple channels and is available for B2B customers, including pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Customers like Teladoc and Ovation Medical are creating patient-first experiences with Salesforce Customer 360

  • Teladoc Health, a leading provider of virtual care services, is further enabling its technology stack to support patient care at scale. “By implementing innovations from across the Salesforce Customer 360, Teladoc is partnering with Salesforce to further advance its operations, logistics, and post-appointment care to deliver transformative, whole-person virtual care,” said Claus Jensen, Chief Innovation Officer at Teladoc Health. 
  • Ovation Medical uses Commerce Cloud to help deliver more secure engagements with their customers online. “As a company focused on providing orthopedic and podiatry equipment to thousands of medical facilities throughout the U.S., secure automation and agility are key to our business operations,” said Erik Rost, VP of Sales at Ovation Medical. “Salesforce enables us to provide our customers with a secure portal for online orders and to put our current accounts on autopilot with peace of mind, freeing up our representatives to engage in meaningful conversations about new medical products and how we can further assist our customers.”

More information

  • *The Patient Data Platform is powered by Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform. Patient Commerce Portal is powered by Commerce Cloud.
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