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Artificial Intelligence

Global Trading Platform eToro Invests in Salesforce Data, AI, and CRM

Salesforce today announced that trading and investing platform eToro is using Service Cloud with Einstein, Marketing Cloud, Mulesoft, and Tableau to enhance its customer service with secure and centralized data.

Why it’s important: Nearly all (96%) of customers say excellent customer service builds trust, according to Salesforce research.

  •  As a regulated financial services company serving clients across multiple geographies and regulations, trust is critical to eToro.

Driving the news: eToro, which has over 32 million registered users globally, is one of the first organizations to combine Salesforce’s AI-powered Service Cloud and Einstein to drive customer and business success.

Leveraging the power of Einstein AI, eToro is able to boost efficiency and satisfaction among service reps and customers. Chat replay recommendations, for example, assist service agents by proposing actions live during engagement with customers.

In addition:

  • Service Cloud enables eToro to serve its customers in an effective and standardized way across regions, utilizing digital channels such as Chat, Einstein Bots, and WhatsApp, and is an important collaboration tool across its organization.
  • With Marketing Cloud, eToro can segment and distribute personalized communications with customers at scale.
  • eToro has a large volume of data transactions which require robust integration solutions. With Mulesoft, eToro is able to bring its transactional customer data into Salesforce to enable a 360-degree view and better experience for every customer.
  • Tableau is eToro’s business intelligence system. The dashboard is embedded in customers’ account pages and provides a live customer data visualization for eToro’s account managers, enabling teams to provide the best customer service possible.

The customer perspective: “Excellent service comes from understanding our customers’ needs and desires, and building and maintaining trust. This means putting the customer at the center of everything we do,” said Miri Avihoo, Business Operations Process Manager at eToro.

  • “The pace at which Salesforce can provide innovative solutions coupled with their easy-to-use interface and excellent connectivity between products means that we can seamlessly make meaningful improvements to the way we operate and serve customers,” added Avihoo.

The trust factor: “The most attractive element of Salesforce’s Einstein for eToro is its trust layer, which ensures that customers’ personal information remains safe while we bring generative AI into our operations,” said Avihoo.

The most attractive element of Salesforce’s Einstein for eToro is its trust layer, which ensures that customers’ personal information remains safe while we bring generative AI into our operations.

Miri Avihoo, Business Operations Process Manager, eToro

The Salesforce perspective: “As AI and automation revolutionize how businesses interact with customers today, they need a digital strategy that builds resilience and drives greater efficiency and productivity. They also need a vision for the future — to keep pace as all industries evolve to meet growing customer expectations,” said Itai Margalit, AVP Sales, Salesforce Israel. “eToro is at the forefront of a watershed moment for financial services. We are excited to be their digital partner and bring trusted generative AI to their enterprise,” added Margalit.

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