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Digital Transformation

To Unlock Efficiencies and Deliver Growth, Irish Companies are looking to AI, Data and CRM

Today, companies everywhere are focused on time to value, driving efficiencies and innovating to keep up with new transformative technologies.

Customer expectations are also higher than ever before and an increasingly complex business landscape which has more data, more possibilities, and more pitfalls makes today’s operating landscape challenging to navigate.

Change also creates new opportunities to develop competitive advantages and evolve to win. Your customer now has to be your main focus with digital transformation at the heart of business — you’re not going to be successful if you don’t stay connected with your customers.

This mentality is evident in Ireland which over recent decades has developed a deserved reputation as a European hotspot for global tech. Indeed, Ireland is a significant part of Salesforce’s history. In 2000 Ireland became our first hub outside of the US, opening as its European headquarters.

Innovating with AI, data and CRM

Salesforce is a customer company. Innovation has been a core value of ours since day one. Our customers are at the centre of Salesforce’s vision for the future of CRM — a fully integrated suite, built on our Data Cloud and our next generation platform, powered by real-time hyperscale AI, data and automation.

AI was already an integral part of our Customer 360 platform, and our Einstein AI technologies deliver nearly 215 billion predictions every day. Now, generative AI has vast potential to help our customers connect with their audiences in new, more personalised ways across many sales, customer service, marketing, commerce, and IT interactions. Salesforce is bringing the first generative AI for CRM with Einstein GPT, helping customers generate trusted content from CRM data and improve every experience across Customer 360.

Every company needs to be a customer company. In practice this means creating intelligent engagement with data from all sources to create a single source of truth from their customers, automating every process to make it easy and seamless, and continuously delivering innovation. And creating a culture of learning and community. 

Building trusted customer relationships

At Salesforce Ireland’s Innovation Day in Dublin, we will welcome hundreds of customers to hear their inspiring stories of rapid digital transformation and how they’re building trusted customer relationships. On stage we’ll be joined by leading organisations Cpl, Kerry Group and Stripe who are accelerating their digital transformation journeys with Salesforce.

  • Talent and recruitment specialist Cpl is adapting faster to changing talent trends and client needs with Salesforce. Integrating the platform with over 90 internal and external sources, including job websites, finance tools, and applicant tracking systems to create a single source of truth of clients and candidates not only improves visibility but also efficiency. Cpl has delivered €1M worth of business value and improved the efficiency of some processes by 75% with Salesforce.
  • Dairy company Kerry Group is elevating its employee and customer experience with the Salesforce platform. Shifting its portfolio from ingredient to solution selling requires longer sales cycles with their customers, better visibility of its customers leveraging the Customer 360 as its one-stop-shop for sales and customer care, and offering a personalised self-service portal across the entire customer journey is adding more value and easiness for its customers and employees. 
  • Stripe, the financial infrastructure platform for businesses, uses Salesforce to make its sales organisation more effective. With Sales Cloud, Stripe can deeply understand user needs, allowing it to provide support and solutions quickly. With Salesforce Service Cloud, Stripe can serve its users comprehensively via a centralised platform. And with Slack Connect, Stripe can easily engage with teams internally and externally to provide the best possible experience for its users. Stripe and Salesforce are also partnering to benefit the larger developer ecosystem. The Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud integrates directly with Stripe for its Salesforce Payments solution. And Stripe offers several connectors to Salesforce, including Stripe Universal Connector for Salesforce, which enables seamless, low-code or no-code integration between Stripe and Salesforce. .

Digital Transformation is at the core of the CEO agenda

As economic uncertainty persists and customer needs continue to shift in an increasingly digitised world, digital transformation will remain at the core of the CEO agenda. To connect with their customers in new, simpler and more cost effective ways, Irish businesses of all sizes are turning to Salesforce as their trusted advisor and to Customer 360 as their one trusted digital platform.

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