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Digital Transformation

250+ New App Innovations Launch on Salesforce AppExchange in 2022 with the Help of Trailblazing Entrepreneurs

AppExchange Event

This year, Salesforce has accelerated the growth of the market’s leading AppExchange by adding more than 250 apps to its marketplace collection. This was accomplished with the help of “Trailblazing Entrepreneurs” — Trailblazers growing and building their companies on Salesforce.

Why it matters: Companies of every size are refining their digital transformation strategies to continue delivering customer success from anywhere

  • Through the AppExchange Business Builders Program, Trailblazing Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can leverage the power of the Salesforce ecosystem, platform, and market’s growth to transform their innovative ideas into powerful applications.

Innovation in action: AppExchange presents an opportunity for Trailblazers who want to grow their career to use their unique skills and knowledge to bring business ideas to life. Salesforce customers also benefit from the innovative apps and solutions that Trailblazing Entrepreneurs are building:

  • Today over 91% of all Salesforce customers use at least one app from the AppExchange.
  • Analyst firm Valoir recently found that independent software vendors (ISVs) who join AppExchange see a 10-20% acceleration in sales cycles.
  • Valoir also found that entrepreneurs who join AppExchange experience an amplification in lead generation by 5-30 times their own efforts.

The Salesforce perspective: “Trailblazing Entrepreneurs around the world are plugging into the Salesforce ecosystem, uncovering new business needs, and building apps on AppExchange,” said Woodson Martin, EVP & GM, AppExchange, Salesforce. “These innovators are providing an important contribution to the AppExchange and to Salesforce customers more broadly. We are excited to see the new solutions Trailblazing Entrepreneurs build in the future.”

Reaction to the news: “Salesforce provides the best opportunity for entrepreneur success.  Building a great company is more than just creating a hit product. It’s also about the technology platform, financing, business opportunities, go-to-market, relationships, and everything that Salesforce delivers on as a partner,” said Kraig Swensrud, Founder and CEO,

Fast facts: According to the Valoir report, entrepreneurs building their companies on AppExchange see:

  • A 75% reduction in infrastructure management costs.
  • An 80% reduction in prospects’ security and due diligence time.

Zoom out: Salesforce AppExchange has long served as the hub of the Salesforce ecosystem, connecting customers to more than 7,000 pre-built partner apps and certified consultants that extend Salesforce across all products and industries. 

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