We run our business on Chatter.

We’re constantly discovering new ways to work together at Salesforce. Here are five ways Chatter is changing the way we work at our company.



Connections are exploding.

Colleagues across departments connect to expand their knowledge and reach. A sales rep posts a question on Chatter and people around the world respond — people she didn’t know, or know to reach out to.

Apps and data come to life.

Chatter, unlike other collaborative apps, connects people and data. Important records, such as top deals, key accounts, or even custom objects, are available in real time. We never have to hunt down information.


Discoveries are unleashed.

Tap into a network of resources, such as competitive tips and industry-specific updates. When an airline customer wanted to visit on short notice, everyone got up to speed for the presentation with Chatter. 

Sharing is a way of life.

Chatter is an essential tool for meeting prep and feedback. By sharing files with our teams right on the account, people are getting direct feedback and insights to help them do their jobs better.


Executives are more actively engaged.

Chatter is a great way for executives and employees to stay connected. Our CEO, Marc Benioff, posts frequently to get feedback from people who wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to interact with him.

Business Collaboration


Share your work and ideas.

“I posted a creative proof before we went to print and learned the customer quote wasn’t approved. Salesforce Chatter saved the day.”

Get help from unexpected places.

“I asked my team for feedback on our newest product. The best suggestions came from someone I’d never met in another department.”


Privately collaborate on sensitive projects.

“I’m on our products team and a lot of our discussions are confidential. We use a Salesforce Chatter group to collaborate privately and securely.”

Improve company culture.

“We post all of our ideas and propose process improvements to a group we call ‘Suggestion Box.’”


Use Chatter as an employee directory.

“I was headed to a customer meeting and had never met the presenter from our marketing team. I looked him up on Salesforce Chatter so I could pick him out of the group.”



Collaborate on sales presentations.

“I used to waste a lot of time preparing for customer meetings. Now, I can get quick feedback on the presentation from my colleagues on Chatter.”

Collaborate on sales deals.

“As a sales manager, Salesforce Chatter brings me closer to my team’s deals. I stay on top of progress and challenges so I know where I can help close business.”

Ask questions, get instant answers.

“In five minutes, colleagues I’ve never met answered my questions and helped me close a deal.”

Find a competitive expert.

“I wasn’t sure how our product compared with the competition. In minutes, I had more ammo than the competitor could withstand, and we won the deal.”

Find customer references.

“I was on the phone with a prospect and needed a customer reference immediately. I had my answer before the end of the call.”

Customer Service


Unite global support teams.

“An outsourced Tier-1 rep had a difficult case, so she posed the question to her Salesforce Chatter support skills group and was able to quickly collaborate with a Tier-2 member on my team who has a similar case.”

Collaborate for customer success.

“I was working with a customer on using our tools more effectively. The sales team saw my status update and was able to renew their contract early with additional licenses.”

Get feedback to product development.

“Frontline customer service teams tell R&D exactly what the field is saying. Our product team is now releasing features that customers want, just as they realise they want them.”

Keep track of customer support cases.

“I’m in sales, but I follow my customers’ support cases to make sure they’re happy.”

Escalate cases for immediate help.

“When I change a case to ‘critical’ status, the right people see it on Salesforce Chatter and swarm to respond.”



Collaborate on campaigns.

“My team stays on top of our marketing events. Everyone is alerted to important information, like a change in the campaign start date.”

Educate employees on company news.

“The PR team posts all of our press clips on Salesforce Chatter so employees keep up with the most current company news.”


Test creative concepts.

“I post advertising comps to Salesforce Chatter and use fellow employees as a first-round focus group.”

Share new marketing materials.

“I post new customer references to the References group so the right people know about them right away.”


Share files with ease.

“Sharing files with Salesforce Chatter saves me so much time. No more email error messages when a file is too big to send.”



Catch time-sensitive information.

“I was about to walk into a meeting with a customer when I saw that someone posted a new price sheet to Chatter. I quickly revised my quote and avoided an awkward situation.”

Track sales opportunities.

“As a sales manager, I’m always on the road. With Chatter on my mobile device, I can check on our key deals whenever I have a free moment.”

Share your location.

“When I’m traveling, I can check in using Chatter Mobile to let others know where I am and which customers I’m meeting with.”

Share photos.

“Whenever I see something useful, like a great creative concept, I snap a photo and use Chatter Mobile to share it with my co-workers.”

Deliver presentations from your iPad.

“I was en route to a customer meeting when my team at the office made a change to my presentation. They uploaded it to Chatter and I gave the presentation on my iPad.”

Collaborate and innovate in Chatter.

See how Chatter helps you find experts, collaborate on deals, and access critical information anywhere.