How customer service automation drives efficiency and cost savings for communications providers.

Harness AI and automation to free teams from mundane tasks and deliver quality service.


Feb 23, 2023. 6 min read

Giving customers what they want is the No. 1 priority in any business. For communications providers, that comes down to one thing: making it easy for customers to purchase their product and then getting out of the way. Make sure your service works, and if there’s a problem, make sure it’s identified and rectified as quickly as possible. It’s all about delivering on quality service.
“You don’t want to be friends with your telco carrier. You don’t want to call them; you just want the service to work, full stop. Make it run smoothly and effectively, and if it breaks, help me solve it quickly,” said Dirk Grote, Senior Director of Communications & Media Industries at Salesforce. “Don’t connect me five times to a call center where I’m chasing the right person and make me tell my story five times over. That’s what everyone hates.”

The technology most communications companies rely on for service is an inefficient mess of systems, whether as a new company or a giant one. Historically, according to Grote, most company resources have gone into building networks, not so much into streamlining all systems across the organisation. This inefficiency is important to address, especially given the huge growth of customer expectations.

For most companies, focusing on building neworks left the service side of the business fragmented and disconnected from a 360-degree view of both the customer and the rest of the business. Two things happen as a result: Customers get frustrated when service agents don’t recognise problems in a timely manner or give them the runaround, and, second, service agents’ time is wasted on manual tasks and “swivel-chairing.” This leads to higher costs and unhappy customers. It’s also time that could be better optimised on higher-value work.

Attempting to optimise and customise each individual system costs companies money. Picking the best marketing solution, the best sales solution, the best technical solution, and then trying to stitch it all together into a customer service application is expensive and time-consuming. That’s true whether it’s building systems internally or going outside the company.

This is where service automation and AI come in: Together they form a cloud-based solution built on a single platform that lets service teams efficiently scale quality service at a lower cost. It means less time spent on tedious tasks and more time spent on improving customer satisfaction and optimising agents’ productivity.

of the customer service employees using automation solutions have seen an increase in productivity.

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