Deliveroo serves up a wider choice of great food from more partners with Salesforce


Pancakes for breakfast. Burritos for lunch. Noodles for dinner. Deliveroo prides itself on the quality and variety of the food it delivers. “We want to bring the best local food to people’s doors in less than 30 minutes,” said Mark Graham, Global Product Director for Deliveroo. “By constantly innovating and expanding our services, we can offer consumers greater choice and convenience.”

With plans to keep expanding its reach in the UK, Deliveroo needs to ensure it attracts and retains the most popular restaurants. “A key ingredient of our success is featuring the top restaurants and takeaways in a local area,” said Mark. “With Salesforce, we can help more people access the food they love by making it easier for partners to join the Deliveroo community.”

“With Salesforce, we can help more people access the food they love by making it easier for partners to join the Deliveroo community.”
Mark Graham
Global product director

Deliveroo provides restaurants with a great experience from day one

Co-founded in 2013 by Will Shu, Deliveroo uses a network of more than 100,000 riders globally to deliver food from around 140,000 restaurants and grocery partners to homes and offices in 800 locations around the world.

Deliveroo has already transformed how millions of people eat and is expanding rapidly into new locations around the world. “To keep up with the volume and velocity of growth, we need to simplify and automate our processes,” said Mark. “Restaurants and partners are our lifeblood, and we must provide a consistent and seamless experience from day one.”

Automation cuts restaurant onboarding from days to hours

Automation is at the heart of Deliveroo’s new digital process, which has reduced the number of clicks needed to onboard a restaurant by 30%. It used to take several days for a new restaurant to sign up; by the end of 2021, Deliveroo hopes to get this down to less than 24 hours in its core markets.

The new process is part of a wider transformation that will improve the experience not only for restaurants but also colleagues and consumers. “We want to make life easier for everyone by simplifying and scaling our processes,” said Mark. “With Salesforce at the epicentre of the partner journey, we can raise our bar even higher.”

Smarter processes are a recipe for success

The new digital process, which is built on Sales CloudTableau CRM, Sales Engagement, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot, has helped to bring Deliveroo’s teams closer together. For example, sales and marketing colleagues can now track a restaurant as it moves through the opportunity lifecycle with key interactions and metrics all logged centrally.

The new process, which went live in early 2021, hasn’t just enabled better visibility; it’s also unlocked greater efficiency. For example, Deliveroo can now automate the capture of partner satisfaction scores at key milestones using Medallia, a Salesforce AppExchange solution. In the past, surveys had to be distributed manually, which was a time-consuming process - especially with the growing volume of partners.

Deliveroo has established around a dozen integrations with AppExchange solutions to make its commercial processes as seamless as possible. It also uses DocuSign to generate restaurant contracts and Onfido to carry out identity checks. “The team used to have to copy data between multiple systems,” said Gina Wiley, Engineering Manager at Deliveroo. “With Salesforce, we have halved the number of sales stages and created a one-stop-shop for managing restaurant interactions and accounts. This boosts efficiency and agility and means our teams can respond more effectively to change.”

“With Salesforce, we can reduce manual processes and break down silos. It’s been a game-changer for increasing efficiency.”
Gina Wiley
Engineering manager

Bringing greater velocity to the sales cycle

To accelerate the sales cycle even further, Deliveroo has deployed Sales Engagement, which is part of Sales Cloud. “We can now empower our teams with personalised emails, consolidated work queues, and repeatable actions, which will help boost conversion rates,” explained Mark.

By simplifying data capture across thousands of touchpoints in multiple markets, Sales Engagement has already helped to reduce the number of duplicate restaurant records by 9% and improved data quality by 19%. An integration with Amazon Connect CTI means sales calls can be automatically logged within Salesforce.

New leads are captured in a global pipeline report, which has replaced disparate spreadsheets and enabled a consistent approach to measuring performance. By integrating Salesforce with its data warehouse, Deliveroo can continually boost its restaurant pipeline by identifying prospects that meet its quality standards.

“We want to maximise the time that our teams spend growing our restaurant community,” said Gina. “With Salesforce, we can reduce manual processes and break down silos. It’s been a game-changer for increasing efficiency.”

Pandemic boosts customer and restaurant numbers

Deliveroo’s role in connecting customers with their local restaurants, takeaways, and grocery retailers expanded massively during the COVID-19 pandemic when ‘stay at home’ orders prevented people from eating out. “Our initial analysis suggests that COVID-19 accelerated adoption of online food delivery apps by a couple of years,” said Mark. “We saw an incredible rise in new customers signing up; the size and frequency of orders from existing users also increased.”

Deliveroo’s growth spurt wasn’t just limited to customer orders: it onboarded thousands of new restaurant partners during 2020 in the UK. It also scaled up its grocery deliveries with hundreds of partners, including major new brands such as Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, ALDI, and Waitrose. “With Pardot and Sales Engagement, we were able to keep up with the massive influx of new leads during the pandemic,” commented Gina. “Smarter scoring and routing means that we can focus on engaging with partners at the right time.”

Deliveroo also used Pardot, a B2B marketing automation solution, to support its reopening strategy after the UK’s first lockdown in spring 2020. “We arranged a series of webinars that enabled restaurants to engage with our management team,” explained Mark. “It was a great opportunity for small outlets to get advice on how to approach their reopening strategy with Deliveroo.” By integrating Pardot with its webinar platform, Deliveroo was able to follow up with participants and provide direct support around how to reopen safely.

Multi-channel support will enrich restaurant experience

Deliveroo’s agents respond to a high volume of queries each week across a range of channels, including email, phone, and live chat. Every case is logged in Service Cloud, which enables Deliveroo to provide a consistent response and identify recurring issues.

To provide restaurants with an even richer support experience, Deliveroo hopes to introduce Einstein Bots, which will help to free up agents from responding to routine queries and enable more self-service options. It also plans to integrate other digital engagement channels with Service Cloud to provide restaurant partners with greater choice and convenience.

Campaign boosts restaurant engagement

To boost digital engagement, Deliveroo’s B2B marketing team used Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder and Email Studio to promote its Restaurant Hub. The campaign helped to increase new logins to the hub – which enables partners to track live orders, run promotions, and access invoices – by 5% in just two weeks.

Deliveroo also plans to implement Marketing Cloud’s Mobile Studio to send out push notifications and to integrate Salesforce with Showpad, a sales enablement content management solution, which will simplify the sharing of marketing and thought leadership collateral with restaurants.

Acting on data-driven insights

Deliveroo understands that a unified internal culture leads to more cohesive work – and a better product. Slack keeps teams aligned and fosters a culture of transparency. Whether teams use it to more effectively leverage data, connect with third-party vendors or build an inclusive culture, Slack is foundational to Deliveroo’s continued success.

Deliveroo depends on data, but useful insights can easily get lost in a sea of incoming information. So Deliveroo relies on Slack to help call out important trends and inflection points. Technology teams at the company have developed bots that detect actionable data in everything from restaurant orders and consumer preferences to rider positions and weather patterns. The bots then alert stakeholders in channel, saving employees the time and headache of parsing the data manually.

Deliveroo helps restaurants thrive

As a company that likes to think big, Deliveroo has ambitious goals for the future that include reducing servicing costs and increasing restaurant satisfaction. Empowering and connecting its teams with a single business platform will be key to achieving these goals and enabling 360-degree visibility of its restaurant community.

“We want to help restaurants thrive by making it easier for them to connect with Deliveroo and their customers,” said Mark. “With Salesforce, we can attract and retain more restaurants by providing them with a richer experience.”


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