Putting drivers first: Pirelli gets proactive with data

Learn how a premium tire manufacturer uses data to make life easier for dealers and customers.

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As a 150-year-old tire company, Pirelli is no stranger to change. With Salesforce, Pirelli can delight customers at the dealer or online with personalised experiences driven by data.

When premium Italian brand, Pirelli, launched the slogan ‘power is nothing without control(™)’, it was talking about tires. Tires that win the Grand Prix and transport customers in premium cars, motorcycles, and bikes. Today, power is data. And Salesforce is helping to harness the power of that data.

“Pirelli is like a 150-year-old start up. Salesforce helps us turn our passion for innovation into a more sustainable business, tailored specifically around car dealers and their customers,” said Andrea Casaluci, CEO of Pirelli.

With the help of Salesforce, Pirelli is seeing:

  • Around 1.8 million orders per year to be fulfilled on its dealer platform, TireClub+
  • 18,000 dealerships to be connected on Salesforce
  • -31% reduction in CO2 emissions by expanding cloud technologies compared to previous on premise systems

Here’s how Pirelli is honing its competitive edge and giving staff, dealers, and customers the premium experience they expect with Einstein 1


“Salesforce helps us turn our passion for innovation into action and results."

Andrea Casaluci, CEO, Pirelli

1. Swap traditional sales for consultancy.

How nice would it be if your car manufacturer knew when your tires needed replacing and ensured your local dealer had new tires already stocked for you, so you didn’t have to think about it?

With data in a single platform, Pirelli can do that and more. The company adopted a B2B2C consulting model using Sales Cloud, shifting from catalogue based selling to data driven sales recommendations for dealers. Here’s what it looks like:

Sales reps can surface third party data in Salesforce to forecast how many drivers will need new Pirelli tires in the area – making more business for dealers, increasing sales, and boosting efficiency.

Dealerships save costs on inventory and waste management by avoiding unnecessary purchases of tires, thanks to data-based precision inventory planning.

Sales reps spend less time jumping between systems to prepare for meetings and more time engaging with dealers, with all the information they need in one place -- from past orders to forecasts.

This newfound visibility powered by CRM insights is fueling innovation, productivity, and creating new functionalities across different lines of business.


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2. Enable self-service ordering for dealers in a single portal to boost efficiency.

With thousands of dealers across 160 countries, Pirelli does everything it can to help them be more efficient. It swapped a disjointed ordering system based on phone calls and guesswork for a revamped dealership portal.

Built on B2B Commerce Cloud, TireClub+ offers dealerships an easy and intuitive ordering system for consumers who expect a premium dealership experience. TireClub+ lists the products that match a user's search criteria and also provides information on the products' availability, location, cost, and any promotions that may be on offer. Pirelli can now better engage with dealerships by:

Providing busy dealerships with one place to do everything, from catching up on the latest news from Pirelli to ordering stock. Dealerships also have the power to tailor the communications they receive.

Extending marketing resources and dashboards that the dealer can use to connect with their own customers and track the impact on their sales performance. Enabling online booking for end consumers, which reduces phone calls to dealerships and makes it easier to get appointments at their preferred location.

increase in B2B engagements with dealerships with intuitive and newly revamped TireClub+

3. Drive consumers to local dealers with personalised offers.

Pirelli also reaches customers directly with personalised emails to encourage them to visit local dealers that stock Pirelli tires, thanks to Marketing Cloud Engagement. Dealers can also take control of their own marketing, with Distributed Marketing, to reach these customers directly with seasonal offers, like specific tires for the winter months. Now, every dealer has the autonomy to build and send personalised communications -- all with consistent Pirelli branding -- to its own customers directly.

"With the full digitalisation of the touch points that we provide to our end consumers, we are now able to collect a lot of information and insights. Thanks to the power of this data, we can collaborate better with our dealers so that they can provide better experiences to end consumers."

Elisa Giuranno, Sales and Marketing Process Manager, Pirelli

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