Maximise sales team productivity with Slack and Sales Cloud.

How to exceed buyer expectations in today’s digital sales environment by aligning salespeople, processes, applications and customer data.

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Chapter 1

Deliver a customer experience to remember.

Digital transformation has forever changed customer expectations. The loyalty of customers increasingly depends on whether or not their interactions with a company are easy and enjoyable. In today’s economy, it’s important to build lasting customer relationships that meet and exceed expectations. Doing that successfully requires tools that allow sales teams to maximise productivity and efficiency.

For instance, do reps have the visibility and access needed to help customers make a purchase or resolve an issue quickly? The less time reps spend looking for information, the more time they have to get to know the customer and build a long-term relationship.  

Most sales reps, however, are working with too many tools, processes, and account updates, and too much customer data in multiple places. What’s more, key conversations are happening via phone, email, chat, LinkedIn, video, etc. It can all feel overwhelming, even for the most organised and experienced salesperson. The good news is sales leaders can now use a productivity platform for the entire sales cycle. This helps teams minimise context switching and administrative tasks so they can focus on delivering the best experience for customers. 

Gartner reports that 61% of chief sales officers (CSOs) are already investing in new technology to support virtual selling. But CSOs need to go one step further and address all modern selling needs—virtual, digital and hybrid. They must bring salespeople, processes, customer data, communication technology, and strategic goals into one centralised productivity platform.

Slack is that solution, helping salespeople work with teammates in different time zones, prevent siloed customer data and promote collaboration on critical deals. But more importantly, it frees up time for reps to connect with buyers.


Maximise sales team productivity with Slack and Sales Cloud.

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  • Why sales leaders are focused on uniting people, data, and processes
  • The benefits of a digital collaboration platform, such as Slack
  • How to increase rep productivity by using Slack and Sales Cloud together

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