Salesforce For Communications

Deliver the connected future, faster.

Combine marketing, sales, commerce, and service on one platform and reinvent the B2B, B2C, and wholesale customer experience across communications.

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Save time and reduce costs with innovations that transform telco customer relationships.


Reimagine the fibre experience.

Launch products faster, simplify lead-to-order processes, and improve retention across the subscriber lifecycle.

Grow B2B digital sales.

Make it easy for your B2B channels to sell smarter from anywhere with guided actions and AI-driven insights.

Deliver digital-first customer experiences.

Increase your NPS score, make the most out of customer engagements, and win loyalty with personalised service across every channel.

Here's how Salesforce powers communications innovation.


See how the 5G future works even faster.

Find out how Salesforce solutions are helping communications providers meet emerging customer 5G needs. Watch our demo of a real-world example in the healthcare industry.

Learn how to transform your digital commerce capabilities.

Give your customers the digital experiences they demand by transforming your commerce platform. Read how you can grow your digital revenue, increase agility, and reduce costs.

Unlock innovation with Slack as your digital HQ.

Unite your digital-first teams around the customer. Discover how you can collaborate better and increase innovation.
Watch how Vodafone dials up developer innovation and customer capability with Slack.

Speed up your time to value.

Transform your BSS with Communications Cloud. Simplify the quote-to-order process, improve time to market, and fuel seamless experiences at scale.

See how the Trailblazers stand out from the crowd with Communications Cloud.

Explore all the ways communications businesses are innovating and transforming customer relationships.

LycaMobile is improving customer engagement and conversions.

Vodafone Business places the customer at the centre of everything.

KPN sees customer satisfaction soar with Salesforce.


Frequently Asked Questions.


What is telco?

Telco is a shortened way of describing a telecommunications company. Telcos may also be referred to as telecom or communications services.

What is a personalised customer experience?

A personalised customer experience involves tailoring the service customers are given and the products they are recommended by leveraging the data that you have on your customers.

What is CRM in telecom?

A telecommunications CRM helps to deliver seamless service, anticipate consumer demands, and improve brand loyalty. Recommend your customers the right plan and product whether it's in a retail store, online or via a sales call.

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