Power efficiency in healthcare

Understand and engage customers — anytime and everywhere.

Reduce costs while providing excellent care, thanks to a single 360-degree view of every patient — made possible with a connected CRM solution.

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Lower costs with automation and increase productivity with Customer 360 for Health.



Collaborate across care teams to simplify processes and deliver personalisation across healthcare.


Speed up the product life cycle with automation, connected patient experiences, and valuable data insights.


Achieve commercial excellence with faster processes, unified teams, and transparency across the value chain.

Public Sector health.

Optimise constituent services with connected care programmes and proactive crisis management on any channel.

Deliver trusted care and service from anywhere.


Health Cloud

Put your customer at the centre of your healthcare and life sciences business to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Trusted by leaders in healthcare and life sciences.


Frequently Asked Questions.


What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

Salesforce Health Cloud is a patient and member relationship platform that uses the cloud and social and mobile technologies to help healthcare providers deliver personalised engagement. Health Cloud gives care teams easy access to patient data such as health conditions, medications, appointments, and data from electronic health records (EHRs) and other systems.

What does CRM stand for in healthcare?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. In healthcare and life sciences, CRM software can be used to manage patient data in one unified place. A CRM can give healthcare organisations fast access to a 360-degree view of each patient — helping them deliver smarter patient management and better patient engagement.

How is Salesforce used in healthcare?

Salesforce helps the healthcare industry deliver personalised experiences. Health Cloud is a tailored solution that supports the management of patient and member relationships. It combines with Salesforce's CRM, Customer 360, which provides the tools to connect across channels and devices. This can be combined with Tableau Analytics for data analysis.

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