Create seamless retail experiences for every customer.

Bring your vision for omnichannel retail to life with Salesforce. By unifying your data with our integrated CRM system, you can deliver frictionless shopping experiences for every customer, everywhere, every time. With powerful 360-degree views of each customer, you can personalise every interaction throughout the journey so that you can serve shoppers on their preferred channels.

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What’s included in this solution.

Salesforce offers a wide range of solutions optimised for the retail industry. Retailers often find the most powerful combination is our Commerce, Marketing and Service products. Powered by the Salesforce platform, this trio enables you to have a single view of the customer on any channel at any time. Looking for something else? We offer a wide range of products that can improve your shopper experience and differentiate you from the competition.
Commerce Cloud helps you pioneer faster, personalise every experience at scale, and reach customers on any channel.
Marketing Cloud helps you enhance customer experiences and optimise each campaign with data-first enterprise solutions for every channel and device.
Service Cloud allows you to automate your processes, deploy the right agent at the right time, and provide seamless customer service.

Discover how FatFace uses Salesforce to boost online sales by 24%

After launching both Commerce Cloud and MuleSoft, we saw an immediate increase of 24% in sales conversion rates – performance amazing, stability amazing – no more sleepless nights!”

Zona Smith | Director of IT, FatFace

Frequently Asked Questions.


What makes a great customer experience?

In today's hybrid world of in-store interactions and ecommerce, a great customer experience consists of understanding what customers are looking for and giving them what they want, wherever they may be.

What is frictionless retail?

Frictionless retailers provides its shoppers with convenient journeys across every channel, whether engaging online, in-store, or combining the two.

What is seamless customer service?

Seamless customer service is when your shoppers are served consistently across multiple channels. Customers should enjoy the same high standards of service online and in-store.

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