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10 Ways to Boost Your Business With Salesforce

“What exactly does Salesforce do?” and “How can today’s CRMs boost my business?” These are some of the questions our Salesforce team hears every day. They’re good questions, so we thought we’d tackle them head-on, and look at ten ways Salesforce can give your business a boost.

What Exactly Is Salesforce Customer 360?

It’s time to rethink how you’re putting the customer at the centre of your business. With customer experience now the key driver of business success, the goal is to make it easy for your employees to make it easy for your customers – which is what Salesforce Customer 360 is all about.  

Salesforce announces new Nonprofit Cloud innovations

New innovations in’s Nonprofit Cloud Summer ‘20 Release will help nonprofits create donor-centric experiences, find and engage lifelong supporters, and continue delivering vital programs, as well as helping grantmakers simplify and accelerate their funding programs.

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