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Salesforce Launch Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud on Hyperforce in Australia

More than ever, keeping up to date with evolving privacy regulations to build and maintain customer trust is paramount. And with increasing emphasis on data security and storage, local data residency has become an imperative for many Australian businesses.

Hyperforce is Salesforce’s trusted platform architecture reimagined for the public cloud, designed to help Australian businesses solve their data storage and security challenges with a next-generation technology platform that meets the highest levels of trust, security and innovation.

From Monday, 11 December, 2023, Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud are available on Hyperforce in Australia. This will empower more Australian businesses to capitalise on the value of Salesforce while streamlining adherence to local data residency regulations – an imperative for regional and global organisations in regulated industries such as financial services, telecommunications, government-linked businesses and more.

“We know for many customers, local data storage is a game-changer for their IT and marketing teams working in data-rich environments,” says Frank Fillmann, Country Leader, Salesforce Australia. “We’ve listened to our customers, and are proud that we’re able to deliver Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud on Hyperforce for Australia.“

Unify data to scale insights

Data Cloud empowers businesses to scale insights with AI, unify all customer data into a single profile, and power unparalleled customer success. And Marketing Cloud helps marketers leverage that data to deliver AI-powered personalised campaigns to build relationships with customers, increasing customer lifetime value and loyalty. 

“The availability of Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud on Hyperforce will enable more Australian customers to accelerate their data and marketing strategies and scale their programs with unparalleled efficiency,” Fillmann says.

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Accelerating digital transformation for Australian businesses

To thrive in the digital economy, businesses need to develop and deploy innovative solutions at speed and scale. The flexible infrastructure of Hyperforce is designed to meet this need.

With Hyperforce, customers can quickly and securely deploy Salesforce apps and services by leveraging the scale and agility of public cloud computing. Backwards compatibility means businesses can maintain any existing custom apps and integrations so they can upgrade with confidence.

For many customers, local data storage is a game-changer for their IT and marketing teams working in data-rich environments

Frank Fillmann
Country Leader, Salesforce Australia

Hyperforce’s Zero Trust framework, enhanced controls, and end-to-end encryption work in the background to ensure the privacy and security of your data, so businesses can focus on innovation..

“As the world shifts and reshapes, the Salesforce pillar of trust stands firm. Our Hyperforce architecture is one way that we champion the security and privacy of customer data,” says Matthew Parin, Product Director of Hyperforce. “Hyperforce’s path-breaking innovation provides customers across dozens of countries a world-class, scalable foundation for the Salesforce platform with security, privacy, data residency, and agility across clouds.”

Find out more about Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud on Hyperforce.

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