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World Tour Sydney 2022: How We Successfully Delivered a Hybrid Experience

In-person event? Virtual? Why not both? In this video interview, Salesforce leaders discuss how they turned World Tour Sydney into a hybrid experience that had something for everyone, from anywhere.

After two years, Sydney finally saw its first in-person World Tour earlier this month. But there were a few differences this time, and one of the biggest was a focus on hybrid experiences.

We were so excited to be back and able to connect in person — it felt like a true family reunion. Still, we were just as excited about delivering incredible experiences to those joining us virtually.

So how did we pull off an immersive experience for two different audiences, and how can you build your own hybrid events? To find out, watch Salesforce leaders explain how World Tour Sydney came to life.

Pulling off your hybrid events

Ready to update your next event? Let’s take a look at some of the most important insights from Leandro, Renata and Stuart.

Put the customer first — wherever they might be

In the past, we’ve looked at how to pivot from an in-person event to a virtual one. But, going forward, there will be a mix of people who are keen to explore your event in person and others who can only join remotely. Offering both avenues is a great way to include more participants than we used to with in-person-only events. 

“We were very considerate in ensuring everything we created was just as special an online experience as it was for the people in-person at the event,” explained Renata. This included features that only virtual audiences could access, bringing the virtual live audience into the Main Show, and turning a virtual MECCA demo into an engaging in-person experience.

Don’t forget lessons learnt from the last two years

We’ve all had to adjust to restrictions and social distancing, usually through digital platforms and channels. As Stuart explained, it’s important to keep these lessons in mind, urging listeners to always come back to the question: “How will this render on screen for someone watching at home?” 

“It’s great to be back, but don’t forget your online audiences. They’re out there.”

Grow the event beyond a single day

“The event doesn’t end here today,” said Renata. 

Though the Main Show and even some exclusive moments were live-streamed to virtual audiences, in-person attendees got to enjoy 20 different sessions. To make sure all audiences get more out of the event, explained Renata, we’ve recorded and will be publishing sessions on-demand through Salesforce+ — don’t forget to sign up to see the Main Show yourself.

Make sure your toolkit supports hybrid events (and safety!)

When Leandro asked about which tools could help marketers bring similar events to life, Stuart pointed to Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud as cornerstones of World Tour Sydney. These were critical for tracking customer data and demand gen campaigns, adjusting our approaches according to performance. 

Renata also pointed to Slack, noting that it helped internal teams break the work into sub-projects and sub-channels. But it also helped Salesforce connect with external agency partners and streamlined planning — and it ensured everyone was able to collaborate before, during and after the event, regardless of where they were located. 

Last but certainly not least, Leandro, Renata and Stuart all noted the importance of updating safety measures to keep participants safe, and recommended Safety Cloud for measures like vaccination status tracking. 

Want to brush up on your virtual event skills? Check out the virtual events module on Trailhead.

Watch the best of World Tour Sydney 2022 on Salesforce+.
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