The Syndex platform is more than just a place to list investment opportunities. Powered by Salesforce, it connects investors with investment managers and introduces the same transparency and efficiency that drives mainstream investment marketplaces.”

Mike Jenkins | Founder, Syndex

6 Years


$4.5b NZD

in assets under administration


Syndex builds opportunity and trust with trading platform powered by Salesforce

Big-ticket investments like farm or commercial property ownership are often out of reach for investors, but Syndex is bringing them into the mainstream. The New Zealand-based company manages a growing online market for investment in shared assets, including agriculture, horticulture, commercial property and private equity. It makes it easy to buy and sell these syndicated investments while streamlining trading and administration processes.

“The Syndex platform is more than just a place to list investment opportunities. Powered by Salesforce, it connects investors with investment managers and introduces the same transparency and efficiency that drives mainstream investment marketplaces,” said Mike Jenkins, Founder of Syndex.

Salesforce keeps the marketplace wheels turning, automating the flow of information and ensuring exceptional customer relationships.

A new type of trading community

While proportionally-owned investments are not new, the typical lack of transparency and tradability made them unpopular with investors. Syndex needed to regain their trust by offering a contemporary, efficient and easy to use service. Its plan was to create a marketplace with all the tools and information Issuers and investors needed to manage their assets and investments.

“We had to build a marketplace quickly, which was really challenging given the many complexities. Salesforce provided all of the mechanisms and scale to do the job, and was really attractive from a security perspective,” said Jenkins.

Built on Salesforce Experience Cloud, Syndex offers a secure platform for everything from proportionally-owned asset listings through to the exchange of shares on a peer-to-peer basis. Investors can sign up online directly with Syndex or one of its partners and provide all the information needed to verify their identity. Once verified, they can easily trade and manage all their investments in one place.

Salesforce Platform and custom objects support both trading and reporting, including all of the complexities of bidding on and selling assets. Heroku, meanwhile, provides Syndex with a containerised platform to run bespoke software solutions. It also allows for seamless integration to other technologies that help power the Syndex platform.

Salesforce further helps to ensure the right information is delivered to the right person over the right channels. This ability to target communication is crucial as it helps Syndex and their partners maintain 1:1 relationships with investors.

Syndex uses Campaign Monitor from the Salesforce AppExchange to push communications to those who sign up on its website. It helps them to tailor campaigns and keep investors engaged.

From millions to billions in assets

The ease and efficiency offered by Syndex is just as compelling to investment managers as it is to investors. The company opens the door to a whole new set of investors while providing investment managers with everything they need to manage their obligations. This includes shareholder verification, information disclosure, and checks and balances for Anti-Money Laundering. Syndex also automates reporting, helping to cut administration workload by as much as 50%.

“Salesforce has helped us to deliver unbelievable efficiency to the private capital markets while also addressing gaps in transparency and investor engagement,” said Jenkins. “It has also enabled us to quickly scale and bring new investment managers onto our platform.”

Since its launch in 2015, Syndex has evolved to support 27 different trading communities and has over $4.5bn NZD in assets under administration. Its first private asset investment partner was MyFarm Limited which manages a diverse portfolio of agricultural and horticultural investments. It remains on the Syndex platform today, making it easy for investors to participate in the sector and invest in their own slice of a farm or orchard. 

Commenting on the partnership, MyFarm Limited executive director Andrew Watters said it provided a way to improve transparency, increase liquidity and more effectively communicate with these smaller, more passive investors.

Unlocking growth

Citing a recent decline in IPOs, Jenkins sees new opportunities for Syndex in New Zealand and overseas. “There’s increased investment in private assets and investors are holding on to them for longer periods of time probably waiting for them to be acquired via the private capital market. The Syndex platform is ideal for this type of investing as it provides a way to engage with investors beyond initial capital raisings,” said Jenkins.

Syndex is embracing these growth opportunities by expanding into Australia and is making its platform more accessible to global investors. It’s also using Salesforce to facilitate collaboration and trading across different trading communities who use the Syndex platform. The numbers of investors across the communities help to increase investment opportunities and liquidity.

“Our investors are not just our customers but the customers of our investor partners too, and we need to manage our data and communication in a way that reflects these different relationships,” said Jenkins. “Salesforce gives us the flexibility to do this even as we continue to increase in size and complexity.”


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