Every year, salesforce.com tries to up our game in our quest to make Dreamforce more sustainable. That means finding new ways to reduce the waste that Dreamforce creates, to minimize the energy and materials we use and the carbon we emit.

We’ve set some big goals this year, and we need everyone coming to Dreamforce to take action to help us meet them. Please join us in our efforts to make this Dreamforce the greenest yet!

Making Dreamforce Sustainable

We’re keeping as much as possible out of the landfill, from using recyclable materials where possible for signs throughout the campus, to serving our food in compostable materials. Speaking of food, we're incorporating more ingredients that are organic, local and fair-trade into our menus. We have programs in place to donate any unused food and other reusable materials to local nonprofits.

Travel emits carbon. To help reduce the impact, we’re offsetting all the carbon emissions from our employees air travel to Dreamforce, including a portion locally through the San Francisco Carbon Fund

Be a #Greenhero 

There are several easy ways you can help us meet our environmental goals. We’ll be rewarding you for it! Each time you take a Green Action and post them in the Dreamforce app with #Greenhero, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win an eco-friendly Messenger Bag!

Here are some Green Actions to get you started:

Dispose of your waste properly. We’ll have Green Angels there to help during meals, just look for the green shirts.

Refill your water bottle, don’t take printed materials, and opt into your hotel’s towel and sheet reuse program.

Walk and use public transit to get to Dreamforce and around San Francisco. Try one of the pedicabs or San Francisco’s bike sharing program for carbon-free travel!

Have a comment or question about sustainability at Dreamforce?  Post it in the Dreamforce Sustainability Group.  

To learn more about salesforce.com overall sustainability efforts, click here.

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