Nothing is more important at Salesforce than customer success. We even have a special team dedicated to making sure you succeed: Cloud Services. Our mission is to take our customers from where they are to where they dream of being. Everyone’s journey is different and it’s nice to have a partner along the way. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce Blaze: a guide, companion, and visionary leader.

Blaze is the latest character to appear on Trailhead, and she’s here to help you realize all your dreams. Faithful, nurturing, intelligent, and trustworthy, Blaze is a born leader who knows a thing or two about safely navigating the wild. She’ll help you jump over obstacles, move around barriers, and clearly see the path forward. Blaze is a naturally social creature who loves teamwork. She’s often doing things with her talented friends Astro, Codey, Cloudy, Einstein, Hootie, Earnie, and Appy.

With Blaze on the scene, you’ll have a loyal friend no matter which level of service you choose. If you have an independent streak, she’ll point you to the right help portal, Trailhead, and the Success Community so you can use our always-on resources. If you need a steady guide to show you how, Blaze will help you access our adoption services. She’ll show you what you need with Accelerators, proactive engagement, interactive webinars, and events. And if you want a constant companion with you every step of the way, Blaze will be there with advisory services like architects, customer-centric design, innovation, and transformation.

With Cloud Services, customer success is our North Star and Blaze is your guide to the success of your dreams. Let’s blaze a trail together.

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