Technology has democratized building and creating. Today, anyone can be a builder—whether it's through using 3D printing to build physical products, iMovie to build any home movie, or Squarespace to build any website. So why can't app development be more accessible? Why not empower all Trailblazers in business to participate and collaborate with IT in meaningful ways to build their own apps? With the Lightning Platform, Trailblazers can.

The Lightning Platform is an app development platform that makes building apps faster, easier, and more fun. It empowers the next generation of app creators in every corner of the business to join forces with IT and turn their ideas into working apps that transform business. The Lightning Platform is where you build a better business and make everyone more productive. Build better apps together on the Lightning Platform.

How is it fast?

The tools - from low code to code - App Builder, Lightning Flow, SalesforceDX and Heroku - make building apps incredibly fast at every stage of application development - from designing to testing to publishing, and later, managing. If that's not enough, have you heard about AppExchange? It's the world's largest ecosystem of pre-built business apps and components that lets customers focus on their customers without needing to build every app from scratch.

How is it easy?

We've abstracted away complicated technology services to reduce complexity and streamline all aspects of the app dev lifecycle. How do we do it? We built in scale, globalization, process automation, search, reporting, and more to come standard. Integration tools connect you to anything. Emerging technologies like Einstein and IoT embed seamlessly. Governance controls and security are built-in with ALM, Sandboxes, change sets, scratch orgs, sharing rules, and more.

How is it fun?

We don't just give builders a blank canvas and tell them to use their imagination to create apps. Trailhead empowers every trailblazer to learn to build apps and truly transform their careers. And have some fun along the way with hundreds of badges and guided learning tools that are free and accessible.

What apps can you build on the Lightning Platform?

You can build any app you need to transform business. Businesses like Eli Lilly, Toyota Financial Services, and Seagate are building on the Lightning Platform to create personalized patient journeys, reduce dozens of spreadsheets into a single app, and drive the same productivity on mobile and on desktop.

But don't just let us tell you, we want to show you! Join us live in the studio for a conversation with our Salesforce executives on how the Lightning Platform is more than a user experience, it's an incredible app development platform that empowers everyone, from no-code builders to developers, to build apps together. What will you build?

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