The Connections Agenda Builder is launching, and I am here to give you a few insider tips on how to create a fantastic trail.


Agenda Builder is your first step in becoming a Trailblazer at this year's Connections conference, the digital marketing, commerce, and customer service event of the year. Once you're registered for Connections, log into the website to use Agenda Builder to customize your experience at Connections by registering and favoriting the sessions you want to attend.


Below are eight tips for finding and booking the best content from our more than 170 breakout sessions, 285 theater sessions, 40 Circles of Success, and 20 workshops. (You can learn more about our different session types here!)


  1. Filters are your friend. Use them wisely! We have 18 industries, 25 roles, 24 products, 26 themes, and 3 levels for you to filter content by. I suggest that you begin with your role, as this will help you find the sessions best suited for you. Then layer on the themes and products that you’re most interested in. Also, don’t forget to search by industry, too, as we have an incredible lineup of sessions dedicated to specific industries.
  2. Walk-ins 101. Don’t forget that 100% of all seats (except for Hands-on Training and Workshops) are bookmark only, which means you can't reserve a seat. You can add sessions to your agenda by clicking on the star next to the session title. If you see something you just can't miss, get there early to ensure you get a seat.
  3. Reservable seats. Hands-on Training and Circles of Success are the exceptions to the walk-in rule as the are reservable, which means you can book and reserve a seat. They will fill up fast, so if you are interested in any of these types of sessions, make sure you grab a seat early.
  4. Go ahead and bookmark that extra session. With Agenda Builder, you can bookmark the sessions that you are interested in. Go back and remove any that you know you won't be attending.
  5. Theater Sessions. We have over 285 twenty-minute theater sessions in the Campground and Expo area for you to choose from, so make sure to add them to your schedule. You'll find success stories, tips, tricks, and action-based sessions that pack a punch.
  6. Balance is key. Connections is a three-day conference, so we recommend balancing your schedule so that you have time to enjoy all that it has to offer. What makes Connections so amazing is all the unexpected treats we have in store for you, so make sure you have time to enjoy it all. Try only booking four or five sessions per day in order to give you space to go with the flow and enjoy that delicious Chicago food. And don't forget to explore the Windy City before or after Connections with our local's guide to the city.
  7. Take the time to do your homework. We have so many sessions to choose from — including more repeats and new formats — so make sure you locate those in Agenda Builder. The more time you spend building your agenda the happier you'll be on-site.


I know I'm really excited for the incredible, crazy, intense, unpredictable experience that is sure to be this year's Connections. On behalf of our 750+ speakers, session owners, and content leaders, we wish you a wonderful time at Connections.


To quote Hamilton star, Phillipa Soo, "there's no map for you to follow and take your journey. You are Lewis and Clark. You are the mapmaker." But at this year's Connections, all I have to say is: who needs a mapmaker when you have Agenda Builder?


To get started with Agenda Builder, first, make sure you're registered for Connections, then go here to find and build out your perfect experience at Connections!