The email industry constantly changes, to keep up with what’s new can feel like an impossible task. However, email remains the highest driver of ROI. So, it is important to stay on top of the changes. Whether you’re getting started with email— or if you’re looking to improve what you’ve already built — the 50 Best Practices For Email Marketers will help you create an email marketing program that resonates with customers and proves its own value. These best practices came from email experts across Salesforce, including marketing consultants and product leaders.


Here are the top 3 tips for diving into the 50 best practices

Turn data into action

Regularly translate your data and findings into actionable insights. An increase in open rate is terrific news: Take a bow. Then identify the steps to apply this victory to your other sends.

Make “goodbye” easy

Email marketers never want to hear “goodbye” — but for customers, it should be short and sweet, and easy to accomplish. Make unsubscribing possible with one click, while also giving options to control preferences like frequency and types of content. An unsubscribe is better than a spam complaint.

Make sense with segmentation

Group subscribers into segments like product preference, position in the customer lifecycle, and lifetime value. You may establish segments for message types based on the intersection of your customer’s needs and your brand’s. Defining your segments in creative briefs and reporting will help your organization align around shared objectives.

Beyond these 3 tips

There are also exercises on goal setting in the 50 Best Practices. You can use these to start conversations across teams and narrow your focus.

And, when you're ready to wade into the reeds, these five sections can help you deliver a robust strategy:

  • Setting goals and measures

  • Building trust

  • Designing for maximum impact

  • Delivering meaningful content

  • Integrating with the customer experience

The 50 Best Practices For Email Marketing is meant to be used as a tool to support and enhance your email marketing efforts. Grab your copy today.