From the artisan on Etsy to the next tech unicorn, no small business is the same. But, while their needs are as diverse as their companies, they all share the same demand for easy-to-use tools that help them work more efficiently. That’s why we created Salesforce Essentials to help companies using spreadsheets, email inboxes, and paper to more easily manage their sales and customer support. Today, DocuSign announced a new purpose-built app for small businesses using Salesforce Essentials. The new solution digitizes the entire agreement process to remove paper-based processes. Let’s look at why that’s important for businesses that still rely on snail mail, email, or even fax.

A simple way to eliminate paper-based business processes

For all the talk of living in a digital age, small businesses still struggle with administrative processes when it comes to agreements, such as data entry, paper chasing, scanning, faxing, and overnighting contracts. For small business owners looking to improve productivity, eliminating these manual processes can free up their time to find new customers or support existing ones. DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials helps small businesses execute and manage the entire agreement process digitally, from within their CRM.

Users can easily add DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials from the AppExchange to their workflows with just a few clicks. The AppExchange app to integrate DocuSign with Essentials is completely free, and customers can test out the integration with a 30-day free trial of DocuSign. Once they’re ready to upgrade, DocuSign is offering Salesforce Essentials customers 25% off the first year of the Standard and Business Pro Web plans.

Keep customers happy with fast, secure document delivery

Companies that digitally manage their agreement processes can better serve their customers. And, by sending documents that need feedback or a signature with one easy click, they can keep their businesses running at all hours. Rigorous security standards ensure sensitive documents are delivered and completed on-time and kept safe. And, because DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials is built on the Salesforce platform, it will scale for every business.

Any small business owner will tell you that connecting with customers is the key to growth. With continued innovation from Salesforce Essentials and our partners, we’re helping small businesses work smarter and faster while future-proofing their businesses and putting customers at the center of everything they do.

Get the DocuSign for Salesforce Essentials app now.



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