The fourth and final episode of The Road to Connections aired on Tuesday, June 11th, and gave viewers and the final details that they need before heading to the Windy City for the big show, June 17-19 in Chicago(Missed the first few episodes? Catch up with episode oneepisode two, and episode three

Special guests included Becca Krass, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Suzy Matus, Manager, Strategic Events, Kacey Burr, Partner Marketing Sr. Manager, Sabrina Barekzai, Associate Manager, Strategic Events, Samantha Rohman, Manager, Strategic Events, along with host, Director of Strategic Events Marissa Kraines.

Our panel shared insider details, and what to know before you go. They filled the audience in on the best way to prepare for the conference, discussed the ins-and-outs of the campus, informed how social media can enhance your Connections experience, and also opened the loop on everything from partner parties to awesome swag (and so much more!). 

Check out the episode below to get all of the details!



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