Dreamforce is in November — that's three months away. Today, we launch our Call for Speakers!

Do you have a remarkable story to tell? Do you have a passion for sharing knowledge with others? Do you like to help others solve common business challenges? Do you love to share stories around customer success, best practices, a-ha! moments, and how-tos? If you answered yes to any — or all — of these questions, then we want to hear from you!

If you’re selected to present, you will receive a complimentary full conference pass to Dreamforce '19.

We want great customer Trailblazers to round out our global speaker roster. As always, we look for speakers with a story to tell, not fully baked presentations. Speaking at Dreamforce is a fantastic experience and, if you have ever attended a Salesforce event, you know that the quality of speakers is extremely high. And, we want you to join this year’s impressive line-up to share your story!

So, answer the call and share your firsthand knowledge of what it takes to drive success with Salesforce — all while delivering customer experiences that make an impact.

And, in case you want tips for crafting a speaker submission:

  1. Outline your story’s talking points (e.g., list and rank your top messages)

  2. Success metrics are a big plus; include them if you are able

  3. Explain why attendees would want to give you their time

  4. Identify what problems you have solved

Before you press send on your submission, remember to: 

  • Be as precise and descriptive as possible. The more direct you are, the easier it will be for our team to understand the major points of your story.

  • Outline previous speaking experience. If possible, include links to videos.

  • Brush up on your presentation skills (even if you’re a seasoned speaker). Check out this Public Speaking Skills module on Trailhead for some great advice.

Thanks for taking the time to put together a speaker submission. We look forward to seeing you at Dreamforce!