Privacy, trust, and safety. It’s a hot button trio for tech companies — and for good reason. Every day, our data is spread across networks, devices, apps, services, and, of course, the cloud.

And every day there is a growing concern about the misuse of data accidentally or intentionally by bad actors or companies we have trusted to keep it safe. With personal data like home addresses, current locations, banking credentials, and personal identification information at stake, something needs to stand between users and those who wish to misuse their data.

That leaves security up to the owners and operators of service providers. It’s their responsibility to protect their customers and earn the trust users have placed in them. And it’s those values — privacy, trust, and safety — that Dara Khosrowshahi takes very seriously as CEO of Uber.

“Once you get of size, how you act, the responsibility that you have in terms of communication — transparency to your drivers, to your riders, to the cities in which you operate, to the governments with which you work, et cetera — that responsibility becomes really significant,” Khosrowshahi says.


Episode 6: Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Salesforce Co-CEO Keith Block on Leadership, Technology, and Data Privacy

To discuss these values and more, Khosrowshahi joined Salesforce Co-CEO Keith Block live at Dreamforce ‘19. Listen to that conversation on this episode of Blazing Trails. Khosrowshahi shares what it was like to move to the U.S. at a young age, how that experience has influenced his leadership style today, and what his plans are for Uber’s future. Block and Khosrowshahi also discuss how companies can implement systems for privacy, trust, and safety.

Listen to the full conversation here, on Episode Six of Blazing Trails, made possible by WordPress VIP:


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