Welcome to the latest edition of B-Well, a series of short webinars, highlighting tips, resources, and coping skills from leading wellbeing experts to support you and your families through these trying times. Prior episodes featured Thrive Global founder Arianna Huffington, Buddhist practitioner Jack Kornfield, and pioneering psychiatrist Kim Norman MD.

Award-winning comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah released The Daily Social Distancing Show on YouTube March 15. The intent was to promote the idea of staying home (before it was mandated) while keeping his fans in good spirits — all of this at a time he says “feels like the end of the world, but I don’t think it really is.”

Now, three and half weeks into the video show, Noah and his staff have racked up at almost 50 episodes and counting. Noah recently caught up with Salesforce Senior Vice President of Employee Marketing and Engagement Jody Kohner to discuss how humor helps us lead in times like these. He also shares how he’s thinking about his impact differently, what he’s learned about connecting with a digital-only audience, and why the pandemic has provided him an opportunity to hone-in on wasted time, space, and energy to figure out how he can create more efficiently. Watch the video in full below for some laughs and learnings with Noah.

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