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Fiona Tang
author name

Fiona Tang

author title Senior Product Manager
My Background

I'm passionate about usability, accessibility, and bringing delightful experiences to users. I joined Salesforce nearly three years ago, beginning my journey through the Salesforce Associate Product Manager (APM) program. I rotated onto multiple product teams to gain a multi-faceted view of Salesforce as a whole and eventually returning to the Design System team.

My Expertise

I bring a holistic understanding of Salesforce’s diverse user base and business landscape. This comprehensive insight enables me to develop design systems that foster a coherent and inclusive user experience, meeting the needs of all Salesforce users. Overall, I drive innovation in the design systems space and create scalable, effective solutions across all Salesforce products.

When I'm Not Writing ...

I'm channeling my creativity through cooking, pottery, and the occasional furniture restoration project.

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