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Reggie Walker
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Reggie Walker

author title Partner, Global Salesforce Alliance and Competency Leader, PwC US
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As an advisory partner, Reggie Walker leads PwC’s Global Salesforce Alliance and Practice. Previously, he served as a member of PwC's U.S. leadership team as PwC's chief commercial officer, responsible for all brand, marketing, external communications, and relationship development activities. In that role, he also led the Salesforce-powered transformation of PwC's go-to-market activities, including their CRM, marketing, and social media activities, enabling teams to deliver a differentiated customer experience and significant growth while reducing cost and complexity. Reggie also served as PwC's Greater Atlanta market managing partner and market advisory services leader, as well as a member of PwC's U.S. board of partners and principles. He currently serves on the board of PwC's business trust.

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