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Blazing Trails Podcast: The Importance of Company Values With Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri

Marco Bizzarri

In this episode of the Blazing Trails podcast, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri discusses the importance of company core values, and how they transform an organizations' culture and bottom line.

Every successful organization has a set of core values — from non-profits, universities, and sports teams to small businesses and huge corporations. In a broad sense, core values serve as the foundation for an organization’s decision-making.

For a business that embraces a set of core values, employees are better equipped to prioritize projects, interact with customers, and build relationships with coworkers. These values pave the path of success across all departments. They define metrics, incentive structures, hiring processes, the chain of command, long-term goals, the business’s community impact … everything the company does.

But how are these values decided? Where – or who – do they come from?

“I really believe that as leaders, the values that you put in the company should be your values,” said Marco Bizzarri, the CEO of Gucci, when he spoke at Dreamforce ‘19.

Since taking over as CEO in 2015, Bizzarri has tripled the company’s performance and turned Gucci into the well-known, luxury brand it is today. That transformation was far from easy, and for Bizzarri, the key was rewriting the company’s core values.

Episode 5: Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri and Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff on Company Values and Creating Culture

Bizzarri joined Salesforce’s Co-CEO Marc Benioff on stage at Dreamforce ‘19 to share how company values can transform an organization’s culture and bottom line. Bizzarri and Benioff also discussed using technology as a differentiator and what companies can do to move the needle in sustainability.

Listen to the full conversation here, on Episode Five of Blazing Trails, made possible by WordPress VIP:

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