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Get on Your Game With Connections ‘19 Agenda Builder

Get on Your Game With Connections ‘19 Agenda Builder

Personalize your onsite schedule for your best-ever Connections experience. The Connections Agenda Builder is now available.

The Connections Agenda Builder is now available. Here are a few insider tips on how to create a fantastic, personalized onsite schedule for your best-ever Connections experience — Connections will transform your business and build your career.

What is Agenda Builder?

Agenda Builder is the first step in becoming a Trailblazer at this year’s Connections conference, the must-attend conference for those that work in Marketing, Commerce, and Service. Once you’re registered for Connections, log into the website or the Salesforce Events App to customize your onsite journey at Connections.

How do you build your agenda?

As you select various filters like roles, themes, industries and more, you’ll get a drilled down view of the sessions best for you. Tap the “star” to bookmark each session you hope to attend onsite at the event. And now in your web browser, you can sync your agenda to your iCAL or Calendar app to align with the many other meetings and activities you may have scheduled while you’re at Connections.

What can you do with Agenda Builder?

  1. Filters are your friend. We have industries, roles, products, themes, and levels for you to filter content by. We suggest you begin with your role, as this will help you find the sessions best suited for you. Then layer on the themes and products you’re most interested in. Also, don’t forget to search by industry, too, as we have an incredible lineup of sessions dedicated to specific industries.
  2. Walk-ins 101. Don’t forget 100% of all seats are bookmark only, which means while you’ve added it to your agenda, all sessions are first come first serve and do not have reserved seats. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the session start to secure your seat.
  3. Bookmark that extra session. With Agenda Builder, you can bookmark the sessions you are interested in. You can always go back and remove any you know you won’t be attending.
  4. Theater Sessions. We have more than 100 20-minute theater sessions in the Campground and Expo area for you to choose from, so make sure to add them to your schedule. You’ll find success stories, tips, tricks, and action-based sessions that pack a punch.
  5. Balance is key. Connections is a three-day conference, so we recommend balancing your schedule so you have time to enjoy all it has to offer. Try only booking four or five sessions per day to give you space to go with the flow and enjoy all San Francisco has to offer.

To get started with Agenda Builder, first, make sure you’re registered for Connections, then go here to find and build out your perfect schedule. You can also plan your schedule on the Salesforce Events app. Download here.


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